Which Manchester Design Startups are Shaping the UK’s Creative Landscape?

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Manchester, the home of the iconic red football team and lively music scene, is bursting with innovative design startups breaking barriers in their respective industries. New visionaries are capitalising on Manchester’s thriving digital scene, leading to the growth of pioneering firms specialising in web design, home decor, artificial intelligence, and more. Here, we’ve highlighted 15 notable businesses in the realm of design, showcasing their unique contributions to Manchester’s increasingly vibrant startup scene.

These design startups bring a fresh approach to their respective sectors, utilising cutting-edge technology and bright ideas to deliver top-notch products and services. This list demonstrates the breadth and depth of Manchester’s creative talent, with a diverse range of innovators jostling for position in one of the UK’s most exciting markets.

So, whether you’re in need of bespoke web design services, looking to revolutionise your home’s aesthetics, or searching for AI and data solutions to drive your business to its peak performance, these cool startups in Manchester are worth checking out.


Specialising in Mobile Development, Data Science, AI, Desktop Application Solutions, and Web Development, Quantilytics is a leader in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, Information Technology, iOS, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Design industries.

Addison Shutters

Addison Shutters redefines home decor, offering measure, supply and installation of window plantation shutters across the north west of the UK. They cater to the Home Decor, Home Improvement, Home Renovation, and Home Services, and Interior Design industries.

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Founded by Dan Kelsall, Offended offers guerilla marketing, branding, and content marketing services to help you stand out amidst stiff competition. Their expertise lies in the Advertising, Content, Graphic Design, and Marketing sectors.

MINT Websites

If you want a well-designed and efficient website, look no further than MINT Websites. They provide premium web design services, operating mainly within the Digital Marketing and Web Design industry.


Partisan operates as a web design, advertising, and marketing agency all-in-one, providing a comprehensive approach to help businesses reach their full potential.

Surface Web Media

Creating visually stunning and engaging websites, Surface Web Media is a web design company making its mark in the Digital Marketing and Web Design industry.


Seven52 provides website design and branding services, creating coherent and striking identities for brands and businesses.


Established as a web design and development company, SproutDesk excels in creating advanced, custom websites and specialises in the fields of Information Technology, Web Design, and Web Development.

Shiraz Plastic

As a plastic product manufacturer, Shiraz Plastic shapes the Industrial, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing, and Product Design sectors with their innovative and high-quality products.

Bold Web Design

Bold Web Design & Hosting has a firm foothold in the Web Design and Web Hosting industry, offering both web design and reliable hosting services.

Alpine Creative

Alpine Creative brings together social media management and web design services, enabling brands to cultivate a prominent online presence.

TAD360™ | Part of Think ADesign Group

Founded by Alex Taiwo, the rapidly growing Think ADesign Group excels as a creative design, digital and marketing agency.

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Seo Services In UK

Seo Services In UK is one of the leading Local Digital Marketing Agencies, providing SEO, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, as well as Web Design and Web Development services to take your business to new heights.

Suni Web Designs

Founded by Nigel Openshaw, Suni Web Designs collaborates with clients to create dynamic and engaging digital marketing platforms. They are a standout in the Information Technology and Web Design sectors.

Pink Lime Web Design

Pink Lime Web Design excels as a web design and search engine optimisation agency, delivering unparalleled SEO and Web Design services to clients.

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