Which Manchester Marketing Startups Influence the Industry Most in 2023?

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Manchester, a city known for its vibrant cultural scene and historic industrial roots, is fast becoming a hub for innovative marketing startups. These companies are pushing the boundaries of creativity in order to meet the marketing demands of various industries. In this article, we highlight and explain 15 exciting marketing startups based in the heart of Manchester, that you need to know about.

These startups cater to different industries and offer a range of marketing services, from mobile app marketing, SEO optimization to digital design and advertising. Whether it’s a unique approach to online betting affiliate marketing or creating nightlife apps that redefine the hospitality industry, these startups are at the apex of innovation in their respective fields.

By spotlighting these companies, we aim to provide insights into Manchester’s fast-growing startup scene, and perhaps inspire budding entrepreneurs to launch their own ventures in this thriving city.

Huddled Tech App Development

Huddled Tech App Development works in the field of hybrid, iOS, and Android Mobile App as well as Web App development, combining profoundly technical knowledge with creative marketing strategies.


Focused on the nightlife industry, Viper has developed an award-winning app, leveraging technology to enhance the user experience in bars and clubs. Founders Craig Davies, Craig Gidley, and Stephen Powell have successfully harnessed the potent combination of mobile application technology with creative marketing methods.

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Free Bet King

A potent player in affiliate marketing, Free Bet King provides a portal for online betting in casino, poker, bingo, and sports.


Creating a new pathway for early-stage businesses to earn, Niftyz, founded by Sara Simeone, offers the first no-code minting platform. They assist businesses to capitalise on their growth and achievements by turning them into NFTs.


As a marketing agency, StraightIn offers services such as profile optimisation, audience profiling and content, and outreach marketing.


Offended, founded by Dan Kelsall, stands out with their unique approach to guerrilla marketing, branding, and content marketing.

MINT Websites

Redefining web presence, MINT Websites offers extensive web design services that not only feature aesthetic appeal but also strategic digital marketing strategies.

IN Business Ninjas

Specialising in leveraging the LinkedIn platform, IN Business Ninjas provides advertising, digital marketing, and content creation services aimed at improving sales.


As a social media marketing agency, lipstick employs cutting-edge strategies to optimise advertising and reach for their clients.


Biramis, founded by Christiane Hutchinson, offers a wide range of business solutions including management consulting, brand marketing, modelling, and strategy development.

The NGO Whisperer

Focused on aiding NGOs, The NGO Whisperer, founded by Carolyne Akinyi, offers resources for project management support, risk management, as well as marketing services.


Partisan offers innovative web design and marketing solutions while their unique advertising strategies set them apart.

Surface Web Media

Offering more than just web design, Surface Web Media employs strategic digital marketing to enhance their clients’ online presence.


Seven52 specialises in designing striking websites and branding designs, with creative and impactful marketing solutions.

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Black Bear Digital

Based in Manchester, Black Bear Digital is a digital marketing and design agency offering a broad spectrum of services including advertising and digital marketing.

In conclusion, these exciting startups are not only challenging conventional marketing methods, but they are also serving as pioneers in their respective fields, marking Manchester as an interesting hub for future growth and innovation in marketing startups.

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