Which Manchester Social Media Startups Are Shaping the UK’s Digital Landscape?

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The Manchester start-up scene is vibrant, innovative, and offers plenty of food for thought for those in the social media sector. This thriving ecosystem is home to some unique businesses that are transforming the world of social media and enhancing how we consume and interact with digital content. In this article, we explore 15 notable social media start-ups in Manchester, each bringing a distinct edge to the industry.


Heard is a social network that connects users with the world around them, providing a platform to engage, converse, and share. This start-up successfully integrates Mobile, Social Media, Social Network, and Software to deliver a compelling user experience.

Vivus Hub

The core mission of Vivus Hub is to craft applications that capture and share live experiences. This start-up dabbles in various sectors such as apps, event management, information technology, social media, social networking, software, sponsorship, and ticketing. It was founded by Seun Oboite.

P&B Social

P&B Social has carved a niche in content creation, social media account management, training, and advertising. Offering valuable consultation services, this start-up blends consulting with social media expertise.


Meet lipstick, a social media marketing agency with a knack for effective advertising strategies that convert. Their ability to creatively generate captivating content sets them apart in the digital marketing landscape.

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Bristow & Hardy

Dedicated to revolutionizing recruitment marketing, Bristow & Hardy specializes in content marketing, brand development, SEO, and more. This digital agency ensures optimal online visibility and engagement for various businesses.

ValueStack Marketing

ValueStack Marketing is a digital marketing and social media marketing company that maximizes the value of brands through strategic online promotions.


WXY is a branding and agency services provider. Known for their creative advertising, brand marketing, and social media services, they have been instrumental in shaping brand narratives that resonate.

Alpine Creative

Alpine Creative combines social media management and web design services to mold a comprehensive digital presence for their clients.

TAD360™ | Part of Think ADesign Group

TAD360™ is a fast-growing creative design, digital, and marketing agency based in Manchester. With 18 years of collective experience across their experts, they analyze, strategize, and realize effective brand strategies.

SEO Services In UK

SEO Services In UK is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies locally. They offer comprehensive services, including SEO, social media advertising, management, marketing, and Web Development.

One Day Agency

One Day Agency is an advertising & marketing agency offering a suite of services to ensure that their clients stand apart. Founded by Ricardo Seixas, this agency delivers brand marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, mobile advertising, SEM, social media advertising, and marketing, to name a few.


Disobey is a games marketing agency providing unique marketing campaigns in the games industry. This startup combines market research, social media management, and project management services effectively.


Co-founded by Lauren Stewart and Moshe David Rubinstein, BlockHosts.io offers Hospitality 3.0. They’ve incorporated the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency into their mobile application, demonstrating innovative use of social media.

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Kanoote Soft

Kanoote Soft is a leading software company in the UK, offering complete software and digital marketing services including SEO, social media, and web development.

The Social Media Research Centre

Founded by Tristan Hotham, The Social Media Research Centre is a research house and consultancy actively working to enhance the quality of social media research. Handling consumer research, digital media, market research, social media advertising and marketing, it is indeed making the social media research better.

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