Which Textiles Startups Are Influencing UK’s Fabric Industry Landscape?

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The United Kingdom is home to a thriving startup ecosystem in a wide range of sectors. One often overlooked but rapidly growing sector is textiles. With a combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technological innovation, these startups are transforming the textiles industry, brick by brick. From creating sustainable biomaterials to revolutionising sportswear, building fashion tech start-ups and recycling textile waste, these startups are showcasing the potential and benefits of the UK’s growing textiles industry.

With sustainability becoming a key focus for many companies, startups in the textile industry are making strides to become more environmentally conscious. From creating textiles from recycled materials to developing technology for more sustainable production methods, these startups aim to reduce the textile industry’s environmental impact. Whether it’s through creating innovative products from new materials, reducing waste during production, or finding more sustainable ways to ship and package products, there’s no denying the significant potential for these start-ups to disrupt and revolutionise the textiles industry.

In this article, we’ll explore fifteen noteworthy UK-based textile startups transforming the way we think about and use textiles today. We will delve into each of these startups, their unique business models and key highlights.

SeFF Fibre Ltd

SeFF Fibre Ltd is ushering in the textile revolution on an industrial scale, focusing on creating innovative products using cottonised Hemp. The startup spans several sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, fashion and more. It was founded by visionary Josh Nusenbaum.

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With a sustainable biomaterial platform, Spintex specializes in spinning high-performance silk fibers produced at a low-cost. Founded by Alexander Greenhalgh, Fritz Vollrath, and Martin Frydrych, it’s an innovative textile company on the rise.


Striking a balance between style and sustainability, Hirestreet is a fashion rental platform that allows women to keep up with fashion trends without negatively impacting the environment.

Megan Crook Textiles

Megan Crook Textiles brings colour and creativity to life with its handmade textiles, garments, accessories and more. Founded by Megan Crook, the startup aims to make unique and beautifully designed textiles accessible to all.


CutPRO®, lead by Robert Kaiser, meets the needs of the flat glass and sheet metal industry, providing quality and durable cut protection.

Labo Mono

For the outdoor enthusiast, Labo Mono offers a range of audacious rain and adventure jackets. With a focus on creating high-quality outerwear for all, it’s a must-know startup in the textile space.


At the intersection of fashion and sporting goods is Prevayl. Founded by Adam Crofts and David Newns, Prevayl is dedicated to bringing smart sportswear, merging style and functionality.


With sustainability at the core of its ethos, Materra aims to reduce the environmental impact of fashion by providing radically more sustainable cotton production systems.

Beyond Form

Perfect for tech enthusiasts, Beyond Form is a venture studio led by Peter Jeun Ho Tsang that builds and invests in a range of fashion tech startups.


Turning to green consumer goods, GIBIE, founded by Hitesh Anand, is devoted to developing naturally functional bed and bath linen with health benefits.

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Connecting craftsmanship and E-commerce, Letistitch, lead by Anastasia Luca Brasoveanu, offers an online shop for embroidery and cross stitch kits.

The Boys Who Sew

Specializing in manufacturing for interior designers, The Boys Who Sew fabricate curtains and blinds with precision and flair.


Innovation at its best, DyeRecycle, founded by Anton Firth, develops technology for dyeing fibers using recycled dye from textile waste.

Owl + Lark

A leader in mattress and furniture manufacturing, Owl + Lark, combines quality craftsmanship with advanced textile technology.

Smart Textile Alliance

Bringing the industry together, the Smart Textile Alliance provides technical support to companies, helping to advance industry standards and develop high-quality textile products.

With their unique value propositions and innovative business models, these startups are positioning the UK as a leader in textiles innovation. Open to challenges yet rooted in craftsmanship, they are playing a key role in shaping a new future for the global textiles industry.

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