Which Top UK Property Insurance Startups Are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

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With the rise of startups, the United Kingdom property insurance market has become a hotbed of innovation. Quite a few companies are not just offering traditional property insurance services but are also working on some remarkable and path-breaking models that offer increased value to the consumer. In this article, we’re going to take a detailed look at some of these companies and the impressive work they’re doing.

From underwriting agencies to mortgage service providers, and brokers specializing in niche markets, these startups have one thing in common: they’re all disrupting the UK property insurance industry in their unique way. They’re not just limited to residential or commercial properties; some also provide solutions for auto insurance, health insurance, and even insurance for fine art and jewelry.

So, let’s dive right in and explore some of these exciting companies making waves in the United Kingdom’s property insurance landscape.


ARKEL is an underwriting agency that focuses on providing solutions for both niche and standard insurance products including property insurance and commercial insurance. As a solid player in the industry, it is dedicated to offering services tailor-made for the needs of small and medium businesses.

Instant Underwriting

Instant Underwriting provides commercial and property insurance services. They are known for their efficiency and reliable insurance solutions that protect businesses and property owners from various risks.

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Mithras Underwriting

Carving out a niche in multiple arenas of insurance, Mithras Underwriting offers diverse insurance services. They cover health, life, property, fine art, jewelry, private, commercial motor, marine, and group insurance services.

Provenance Insurance Brokers

Provenance Insurance Brokers, co-founded by Jason Connon, offer auto, homeowner, jewelry, life, group health, embassy property, and diplomatic residence insurance. Their risk management and financial consulting services are also held in high regard in the industry.


As an insurance agency, First2Protect is known for their advice and solutions pertaining property insurance. Their broad service offering makes them a reliable partner in matters of insurance coverage.

Greenacre Financial Services

Greenacre Financial Services founded by Gregory Stanworth, offers advice on different types of mortgages and insurances. They also provide mortgage service and specialize in property insurance and rentals.

LSK Risk Management

LSK Risk Management brings together deposit replacement insurance, business insurance, as well as property insurance. They’re reputable for their commercial insurance offerings.

London Flats Insurance

For flats and apartments, London Flats Insurance is the name to trust in the UK. Their robust insurance services have been securing homes in the metropolis for years.

Alliance Mortgages

Alliance Mortgages offers a range of insurance services, including life, critical illness, business owner, and landlord insurance. They also specialize in mortgage services for companies.


Centrix is an insurance company offering commercial and property insurance services. By blending top-notch financial services with reliable insurance products, they assure peace of mind to their clients.

Morris Perrin Insurance

Morris Perrin Insurance provides insurance and risk management advice for your home, property, family and business. With their services, they strive to ensure maximum protection against potential risks.

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Stanhope caters to homeowners with their niche and specialist insurance services. They are known for delivering innovative solutions in the commercial and life insurance spaces as well.


Founded by Farid Tejani and Tim McCosh, Yokahu is shaking things up with its unique model of insurance against weather-related disasters, aiming at building resilience towards climate change. They have their footing in property insurance, AgTech, FinTech, Green Tech, and Risk Management.

Better Home Cover

In the home services space, there’s Better Home Cover founded by Mads Dal. Their business model focuses on emergency home repairs, energy efficiency, home improvements, insurance, and property management.

Africa Specialty Risks

Africa Specialty Risks was co-founded by Bryan Howett and provides risk mitigation solutions to customers worldwide. They offer sustainable insurance products in commercial and property sectors.

To conclude, these UK-based startups are pushing boundaries, innovating, and adding immense value to the property insurance space. With their diverse offerings and consumer-centric approaches, they are set to redefine the property insurance landscape in the UK and beyond.

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