Which UK Bitcoin Startups Are Revolutionising the Cryptocurrency Landscape?

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The United Kingdom has become fertile ground for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency startups. These companies are developing innovative solutions for digital finance, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency trading. From powering content aggregation with machine learning to creating multi-currency crypto-wallet apps, let’s explore 15 intriguing Bitcoin startups in the United Kingdom.

The growth of these startups demonstrates the expanding influence of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the global financial market. These companies range from online brokers to blockchain development services, offering a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency-related services. Let’s introduce ourselves to them.

As we explore these startups, we’ll look at what they offer, their founders, and links to their websites for further information. Prepare to immerse in an exciting Bitcoin journey.


Ensembl is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and community intelligence. Founded by Graham Tonkin, Ensembl utilizes machine learning for content aggregation and monetizes community intelligence via cryptocurrency. They are positioned in the artificial intelligence, bitcoin, communities, cryptocurrency, education, fintech, and machine learning industries.


ATFX is an online broker providing a comprehensive trading experience. It’s regulated by the FCA(UK), CySec(CY), FSC(MU), & FSA(LLC), proving its reliability. The startup, founded by Joe Li, operates within Bitcoin, consulting, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, Fintech, and Trading Platform sectors.


Byzantium provides services for blockchain-based projects and businesses. Operating in Bitcoin, Blockchain, Business Development, and Finance industries, Byzantium is carving out its niche in blockchain services.

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Bpay.io is focused on processing cryptocurrency and blockchain payments, making digital transactions smoother. Founded by Alexander Peterman, the company is placing itself firmly in the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Fintech industries.

Knabu Distributed Systems Ltd

Knabu Distributed Systems Ltd, founded by Gabrielle Patrick, is developing a Token-Driven Development DApp to enable credible token projects within Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Insurance sectors.


TRASTRA, founded by Roman Potemkin, aims to provide easy and fast banking for cashing out crypto, targeting Banking, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Financial Services, Fintech, and Payments sectors.

Koine Finance

Providing custody and settlement services that allow institutions to store digital assets securely, Koine Finance is founded by Alasdair Moore and Phil Mochan. It operates within Bitcoin, Communities, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Fintech, and Internet sectors.

Blockchain Expert

Blockchain Expert develops and manages blockchains, offering services in Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, and Information Technology.


Founded by Greg Adams, Blokt.com is a leading tech, cryptocurrency, privacy, bitcoin, and blockchain resource operating in the Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, and Information Technology industries.

Eden Block

Eden Block is a private, independent, research-centric investment vehicle dedicated to enriching the environments that make up Web 3.0. It is the brainchild of Lior Messika and Yoann Douieb.


John Humpish, Mark Hipperson, and Niall McConnell founded Ziglu to provide a digital platform that enables customers to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency in an easier and safer way.

Vertex Market

Vertex Market, founded by Alessandro Pecorelli, is a Peer to Peer (P2P) trading platform for Cryptocurrencies. It operates within Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Fintech, Information Technology, Peer to Peer, Trading Platform, and Venture Capital sectors.

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LoyalT® is a reward points distribution network on blockchain, making it profitable for businesses and rewarding for customers. This innovative startup is founded by Animesh Ghosh, Ivy Roy, and Rajib Ghosh.


With Koinly, you can generate tax reports for crypto trading and related activity automatically. The platform is founded by Crispian Robinson, Maria Bilo, and Robin Singh and operates within Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Financial Exchanges, and Fintech sectors.


Founded by Joselito Lizarondo, Swipe.io offers a multi-currency crypto wallet app and a crypto-to-fiat funded Visa debit card, making it easier than ever to use cryptocurrency in everyday life.

The diversity of these startups demonstrates the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in transforming various sectors. They address wide-ranging challenges, from payment processing to investment management, while further driving the adoption of cryptocurrency more ubiquitous in our everyday lives.

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