Which UK Innovation Management Startups Are Shaping Our Future?

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Innovation Management is paving the road to the future with groundbreaking ideas and technologies. Startups in the UK are at the forefront of this endeavor, bringing fresh perspectives and solutions to emerging challenges. Below, we explore 15 such companies disrupting various industries and making a significant impact in the United Kingdom and beyond.


Bringing the disruptive prowess of startups to the doorstep of FTSE100 companies, CO:CUBED offers collaborative innovation solutions. From corporate training and event management to software services, they provide an ecosystem for innovation and change. Founded by visionary leader Jeremy Basset, CO:CUBED has proven itself an invaluable resource in the corporate landscape.

Cleaner Seas Group

Combining innovation with a drive for eco-friendliness, the Cleaner Seas Group offers technological solutions to combat microplastic pollution. In the space of consumer goods and product management, they offer a beacon of hope for environmental conservation.

Plus X

Plus X creates dynamic workspaces that foster innovation, community collaboration and business growth. Co-founded by Mat Hunter, this enterprise promises to unlock potential and prompt positive social impact.

Venture Agenda

Helping mature organisations engage with emerging technologies, Venture Agenda, co-founded by David Reynolds and Thomas Sutton, is an ally in corporate training and innovation management.


As a leading research lab, Deepr provides innovative solutions to culture, service design, and training problems. Their evidence-based approach makes them a trustworthy force in the innovation management industry.

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Agile Boards

Specialising in corporate governance, Agile Boards offers an intelligent market intelligence platform. The startup, founded by Evgenia Sorokina, is rapidly redefining developer platform usage and innovation management.


An Oxfordshire-based solution design agency, 40Two, is at the forefront of co-creating solutions for mobility, environmental, and social care challenges. They offer a blend of technology and creativity in their approach.


With founders like Brad van Leeuwen and Cristina Vila, Cledara offers a central place to manage all your software subscriptions, acting as a competent ally in innovation management and software services.


As digital process automation consultant, Ai4Process helps manage, streamline, and automate operational processes. Their innovative approach promises a bright future for businesses looking for expert consulting and training in innovative technology uses.

RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting

Offering bespoke consultancy in the energy transition domain, RHC IMZADI, founded by Andrew Murphy, addresses energy management issues using innovative and efficient practices.


Dedicated to improving digital transformation in businesses, Syncity offers tailored consultation services and solutions that leverage the power of cutting-edge IT and software implementation.


Zebera enables young people to innovate and solve real-world problems through their open innovation platform. By offering a nurturing environment, they shape the innovators of tomorrow.


With a suite of offerings including Growence, Elle Innovation, Talentoo, and Dooers, Horizone, founded by Eleonora Rocca and Francesco Redaelli, is building innovation across different industry sectors.


RoiRobot, founded by Jacobo Guerra, provides intense, rapid, and immersive education to accelerate the life cycle and ROI of young innovative companies. The company offers its services in the space of consulting, education, IT, and innovation management.

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As an award-winning impact incubator, Karakoram, founded by Josh Thomas, designs breakthrough solutions for the world’s toughest humanitarian challenges. Their community-driven approach makes a lasting impact in various sectors, from consulting and environmental engineering to social entrepreneurship.

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