Which UK Oil and Gas Startups Are Reshaping the Industry Today?

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The United Kingdom has always played a crucial role in the legacy and development of the global oil and gas industry. Today, this robust legacy continues as a new generation of British entrepreneurs create innovative startups to advance the sector. From refining traditional energy production methods to pioneering exciting new tech applications, these companies are making their mark both at home and abroad.

In this article, we will highlight fifteen of these ventures, providing an insight into the freshest ideas from the UK’s oil and gas sector. From environmental recovering solutions to AI-driven industry applications, these startups are truly setting new standards and shaping the future.

Here’s a rundown of fifteen promising Oil and Gas startups based out of England, a testament to the innovation and resilience of the UK’s energy landscape.

BIG Atom

BIG Atom is an innovative recycling company with a visionary mission to end polymer waste. Co-founders Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss have brought a new life to waste management by developing infrastructure that processes waste into usable products. They operate at the convergence of various engineering sectors like Chemical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, Oil and Gas.


Created by Andrew Toumazi, BLOC-X is an electronic trading software provider that drastically reduces transaction costs in OTC oil block future markets by up to 90%. Their application seamlessly combines energy, oil and gas, software and trading platform sectors.

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Bow Resources

With sustainability at its core, Bow Resources was co-founded by Ben Carlisle and Ian Balcomb. This manpower solutions provider focuses on the energy market while specializing in renewables and oil and gas.


Pioneering the transforming energy market, n3rgy offers digital services and guidance to businesses making the shift to sustainable practices.

Proco Commodities

Proco operates across the global energy and commodities supply chain. Their team of industry and functional experts make energy efficiency the cornerstone of their model.


Co-founded by Zafar Khan, Empiricai leverages CV, AI and data to empower enterprises to achieve real business outcomes. Their reach extends to various sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, food and beverage, Oil and Gas, Software.


Combining the power of AI with the complexities of project management, CPEC.ai introduces a fresh approach to capital project control. Created by Barry Borhani and Peyman Moh, it offers cutting-edge solutions for the infrastructure and oil and gas sectors.

Cognitive Business

Brainchild of Christopher Fraser, Thomas Humphries, Ty Burridge-Oakland, Cognitive Business employs artificial intelligence to assist industries in data learning. From Biomass energy to Wind energy, their solutions are a must-have for renewable energy providers.

Circle Gas

Founded by Francisco Sebastian Rodriguez Sanchez and Volker Schultz, Circle Gas combines energy, Internet of Things, and oil and gas to create a novel approach to natural gas supply.

NEO Energy

Foresting socially responsible energy production, NEO Energy combines value creation from the prospective North Sea basin with high environmental, social, and governance standards.

Process Risk Consulting

Process Risk Consulting focuses on optimizing safety with their consultancy services for chemical engineering, oil and gas, and risk management domains.

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Hartshead Resources

Hartshead Resources is building a financially, technically, and environmentally responsible European Energy business with a focus on oil and gas.

DeepWaters AI

Co-founded by brothers Ahmed Maqbool and Massoud Maqbool, DeepWaters AI uses satellite data and AI to detect underground drinking water and pipe leaks. Their AI and IT solutions are beneficial for waste management and water companies.


Made possible by Michael Popham, STRYDE is working towards visualizing the subsurface of any terrain, a critical task in oil and gas exploration.

General Index

With a demand for more transparency within the market, Neil Bradford formed General Index, an alternative to traditional price reporting agencies.

With founders that are pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible, these startups are propelling the UK’s oil and gas industry towards a brighter and more exciting future. As these startups continue to break new grounds, we can look forward to even more innovations across the sector.

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