Which UK Startup Innovators are Transforming Innovation Management in 2023?

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Innovation Management is a rapidly growing field in the United Kingdom, with numerous startups developing unique and creative approaches to tackle diverse challenges. From SaaS to corporate training, these companies operate across a wide range of industries, demonstrating the inherent versatility and applicability of innovation management. In this article, we will introduce 15 such startups that are making their mark in the UK with their unique solutions, services, and technologies.

England has certainly solidified itself as a hub for these ventures, providing conducive environments for startups to innovate, grow, and excel. Whether it’s in sectors like digital marketing, consulting, or information technology, it’s clear that these startups are redefining what’s possible within their respective industries and beyond.

Without further ado, let us dive into these companies, laying a lens over their distinctive services and the founders who dared to step outside the box, establishing ground-breaking firms in the world of Innovation Management.


CO:CUBED is a futuristic initiative that aids FTSE100 businesses to adopt the startup revolution, by shaping and putting into effect their collaborative innovation capacities. The startup was founded by Jeremy Basset and is involved in Corporate Training, Event Management, Events, Incubators, Innovation Management, Management Consulting, Open Source, and SaaS.

Venture Agenda

Venture Agenda, co-founded by David Reynolds and Thomas Sutton, aids mature organisations in gearing up, engaging, and making informed decisions on emerging technologies and early-stage business. Visit their website here.

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Deepr is a research lab that aims to tackle culture, service design, and training problems. Being a part of Innovation Management, Product Research, and Service Industry, they are making notable contributions to tackling deep-rooted issues.


40Two, an Oxfordshire-based solution design agency, specializes in co-creating Mobility, Environmental, and Social Care solutions. Visit their website here.


Cledara operates a platform that allows businesses to manage all their software subscriptions in one place. Founded by Brad van Leeuwen and Cristina Vila, they offer services in Innovation Management and SaaS.

RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting

RHC IMZADI Hydrogen Consulting, established by Andrew Murphy, is a specialist boutique consultancy aiding companies and organisations interested in joining the Energy Transition.


Horizone, co-founded by Eleonora Rocca and Francesco Redaelli, is committed to building innovation via Growence, Elle Innovation, Talentoo, & Dooers and media trademarks WomenX Impact, Crypto Coinference & Innovable.


RoiRobot, established by Jacobo Guerra, provides intense, rapid, and immersive education aimed at accelerating the life cycle and ROI of young innovative companies. Visit their website here.


Karakoram is an award-winning impact incubator that creates breakthrough solutions for the world’s toughest humanitarian challenges. The venture was launched by Josh Thomas.

MAASI Enterprises

MAASI Enterprises, co-founded by Gabriele Marini and Leonardo Zanus, provides leading Consulting, Advising and Temporary Management for Complex and Highly Regulated Enterprises.


Parallel, founded by Christian Thümer and Matthew Falla, is a product development firm that helps companies develop proposals based on simulations and synthetic environments.

Carleton Digital

Carleton Digital, established by Iain Millar, is a small agile team with ample experience in digital strategy, innovation and customer experience.

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Generation KM Ltd.

Generation KM Ltd., founded by Evgeniya Fedoseeva, is a business consultancy that offers advice on knowledge management, digital ecosystems, corporate innovation, and tech.

Hypha Knowledge Integration

Hypha Knowledge Integration, established by Arpit Kaushik and Louis French, is a new Innovation Intelligence Platform that combines people, knowledge, data, insights and strategy to drive growth.


Playe is a SaaS solution focusing on Creative Gig Economy, Future of Work, and Content Creation. The platform was co-founded by Jonas Espvall, Mitchell Brown, and Rob Older.

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