Which UK Startups Are Revolutionising England’s Loyalty Program Industry?

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The United Kingdom has been a breeding ground for innovative startups in recent years, with a particular spike in loyalty programmes. In this flourishing space, a range of companies have emerged, each offering unique solutions to engage customers and build brand loyalty. This article will spotlight some of the UK’s most progressive loyalty startups based in England.

With technological advancements and the increasing importance of data in making strategic decisions, traditional loyalty programmes are evolving. Businesses are seeking efficient, creative and personalised ways to keep customers engaged and retain them for longer periods. Below we’re shining the spotlight on 15 interesting companies that are rewriting the rules for loyalty programmes across different industries, and in turn, transforming customer experiences.

Bearing in mind that customer loyalty is an evergreen determinant for business growth and profitability, these companies are leveraging their innovative and technologically driven ideas to offer solutions to businesses aiming for improved customer loyalty.

Techwisely Ltd

Techwisely Ltd offers a hands-free counterless checkout solution. This mobile and smartwatch platform startup focuses on big data, loyalty programmes, mobile payments, retail technology and speech recognition. The minds behind this innovative solution are Faiq Ali Farooqui, Shamail Siddiqui, and Uzair Ahmed Siddiqui.

London Football Exchange

Integrating cryptocurrency into loyalty programmes, the London Football Exchange is the world’s first tokenized football stock exchange and market. Charles Pittar is one of the pioneers of this unique platform.

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Gift & Go

Gift & Go offers a new gifting technology platform, providing businesses the ability to create powerful loyalty stores and promotions via Amazon Business. This startup by Joseph Hall operates in brand marketing, e-commerce platforms, marketing and retail technology.

Upgrade Pack

Founded by Craig Unsworth and Urchana Moudgil, Upgrade Pack uses loyalty programmes to offer more luxurious travel experiences. Through this platform, one can upgrade their hotel room or airplane seat.


Defining the intersection of fintech and loyalty programmes, Homewards offers a loyalty rewards-based savings platform that helps in building a home deposit. This is the brainchild of founders Benjamin Milsom and Freddie Altman.

We Are Gravity Media

We Are Gravity Media offers an array of services including coupons, mobile advertising, mobile payments, retail technology as part of its loyalty programmes offering.


Stamper is a ML-driven loyalty app for restaurants. Founded by Agnieszka Golec and Piotr Wegner, it can be utilised for both dine-in and home delivery orders.

Loops Rewards Ltd

Loops Rewards Ltd introduced a universal reward points system that’s both fun to earn and easy to spend. Gregory Jarrett and Jörg Malang are the brains behind this unique idea.


Goldbck offers customer-centric alternate payment methods, powered by gold-back rewards and pooled big data infrastructure. Rana Mukherji is one of the innovators behind Goldbck.


WalkABit is a location-based travel app rewarding users for sightseeing and spending at restaurants or tickets by offering a cashback. Michal Zielinski is one of the pioneers of this exciting app.


Loyalize offers a white label payment, loyalty and customer engagement platform. Founded by David John, this startup is making strides in big data, fintech, payments and SaaS.

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OMG provides current accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, insurance, reward programmes and financial solutions.

Katalyst Financial Ltd.

Katalyst Financial Ltd. is a next-generation MGA, offering services in automotive, credit cards, financial services, insurance, Insurtech, and loyalty programmes. The brains behind it are Phillip Misztela and Stuart Cowen.

Happy Joe

Happy Joe, a digital application that tracks diet goals, was founded by Angus McCurdie and Jonjo Wadwa. This startup explores the interplay between health and loyalty programmes.

Network B

Network B provides banking and card-linked solutions. Founded by Brad Blake and Shapna Majid, this startup is reshaping customer loyalty in the banking and IT sectors.

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