Which UK Sustainability Startups are Transforming the Green Sector in 2023?

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Today we are shining a spotlight on innovative startups from across the UK that are making significant strides in the domain of sustainability. These diverse companies, working in industries as varied as fashion and mining, are using cutting-edge technology to create a greener future.

The urgency to address climate change and sustainability has motivated entrepreneurs to create businesses that are environmentally friendly and enhance the circular economy. In this article, we introduce 15 such startups in the UK that are successfully merging innovation with sustainability.

From craft making well-being and sustainability data, to energy-efficient infrastructure and environmentally friendly travel, these startups are slowly changing the framework of their respective industries. With a commitment to responsible practices, they set a precedent for future businesses in the UK and globally.


Yodomo is a platform giving people the opportunity to engage in craft making for well-being as well as promoting the re-use of materials. The aim is to make a positive impact on mental health, sustainability and creativity.

ESG Book

ESG Book is an industry leader in sustainability data and tech. This company is trusted by many of the world’s largest financial organisations to provide responsible and sustainable insights for investment options.


Setting the standard in sustainability screening, Vasanda provides companies an edge in monitoring and managing their sustainability efforts dynamically.

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The Buengo app allows people to sell items they no longer need, with the proceeds going to good causes. This not only promotes recycling and reduces waste, but also bolsters the sharing economy.

Save Your Wardrobe

Save Your Wardrobe is digitising post-purchase experience with digital wardrobes and care & repair services, encouraging users to make sustainable fashion choices.


ZuBlu is a leading ocean experiences travel platform inspiring sustainable and ethical underwater adventure travels worldwide.

Xcavate Robotics

Xcavate Robotics focuses on construction automation with a commitment towards environment-friendly subterranean space creation and reduced site emissions.


Enabling NFTs to be used as internationally enforceable IOUs for physical assets, Mattereum promotes a unique blend of legal and ecological sustainability.


Dropless offers on-demand car wash, valet and servicing with a focus on water efficiency and reduced waste, taking car maintenance to the next level of sustainability.

Epic Impact

Epic Impact is a mobile app that allows users to track their CO2, environmental & social footprint, and rewards them for sustainable and ethical purchases.

The Smart Container Company

The Smart Container Company provides IoT-enabled intelligence, transparency, and net-zero solutions for the beverage industry, enabling complete traceability and sustainability within supply chains.


Spintex is revolutionising the textile industry by spinning low-cost, high-performance silk fibers using a sustainable biomaterial platform inspired by nature.

Power Transition

Committed to the green revolution, Power Transition provides a software architecture for a smart energy system that reduces energy wastage and promotes renewable power sources.

Cobra Resources

Cobra Resources is a sustainability-focused exploration and resource development company that holds strong ethical mining practices at its heart.

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Lake Parime

Lake Parime is committed to developing energy-efficient, long-lasting infrastructure to support decentralised computing, bringing a sustainable edge to the blockchain industry.

These UK startups are diligently working to merge ground-breaking technologies with robust sustainable practices, thus paving the way for a more responsible, greener future in business and industry across all sectors.

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