Who Are England’s Most Influential Lifestyle Startups in 2023?

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Welcome to the vibrant field of lifestyle startups in England, United Kingdom. UKT.news is proud to showcase and offer you a glimpse into the dynamic nature of these businesses. Attractive for their innovative solutions and groundbreaking concepts, these startups are redefining the ways in which we think about lifestyle. Surprisingly diverse in their focus areas, ranging from technology to fashion industry, these startups offer much more than what meets the eye.

Another fascinating aspect of these startups is their commitment to sustainability. Whether it’s about recycling materials, designing sustainable fashion, or promoting eco-friendly retailing, these companies prove that innovation and mindfulness can go hand in hand to create effective business models.

We’re excited to introduce you to these companies that are leading the change and inspiring future entrepreneurs. Here are 15 amazing lifestyle startups we believe deserve your attention:


Yodomo, founded by Sophie Rochester, focuses on craft making for well-being and understanding the re-use of materials. The startup caters to Content Creators, E-Learning, Lifestyle, Recycling, Sustainability, and Waste Management Industries.


Founded by Harry Beattie and Nick Ayoub, OPUMO is a multimedia company at the forefront of the global design industry in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Retail space.


Creators Dom Barker, John White, and Natalie White offer a way to Connect with Nature, Find your Flock through Birda. The startup caters to Information Technology, Internet, Lifestyle, Social Media, Social Network Industries.

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Save Your Wardrobe

Hasna Kourda and Mehdi Doghri created Save Your Wardrobe, a Circular digital platform using technology to streamline the post purchase experience through digital wardrobes and care and repair services in the CleanTech, E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, Retail, Retail Technology, Shopping, Sustainability Industries.

Osman Perfect 5 Limited

Osman Perfect 5 Limited, a Fashion and Luxury Atelier, caters to the Fashion, Lifestyle, and Retail industry.

Motley London

An revolutionary e-commerce jewellery brand called Motley London was founded by Cecily Motley and Ilana Lever. The startup makes jewellery designed by the world’s best jewellery designers available to the E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Web Design industries.


Founded by Matthew Geleta and Victoria Prew, HURR is the smart way to rent your wardrobe, on-demand for those in the Communities, E-Commerce, Fashion, Internet, Lifestyle, and Product Design industries.

Rest Less

Rest Less, founded by Sara Stephens, serves as a social impact business helping people over 50 years of age access a variety of resources. The startup operates in Communities, Internet, Lifestyle, Recruiting, and Staffing Agency industries.

Casablanca Paris

Casablanca Paris, a brand created by Charaf Tajer, offers clothes for men’s and women’s fashion in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry.

Noise Media

Anthony Goldman and Joseph Levi’s Noise Media are an award winning social-first media agency that helps brands scale to universal heights. This startup caters to the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Communities, Lifestyle, News, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Marketing industries.

Maison Flâneur

Maison Flâneur, created by Dionas Sotiriou and Gabriel Moukhbat, represents a Lifestyle homeware marketplace. This startup provides for the E-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Marketplace, and Travel industries.

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LGH Hotel Management

LGH Hotel Management is a hospitality platform that caters to the Event Management, Hospitality, Hotel, Leisure, and Lifestyle industries.

The Bike Magazine

Founded by Sam Enrico Williams, The Bike Magazine showcases the sport of mountain biking capturing the personalities, and issues with a style all its own in the Blockchain, Lifestyle, News, and Publishing industries.

Chewie Cat UK

Chewie Cat UK offers a range of stylish teething necklaces for modern parents and silicone teething rings for babies in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Retail industries.

Swell Magazine

Swell Magazine, also founded by Sam Enrico Williams, is packed with sizzling stories, the best original photographs, and the hottest A-List stars in the Blockchain, Lifestyle, News, and Publishing industries.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. The lifestyle industry in England is bustling with innovative concepts and startups waiting to be discovered. We hope this list has been able to inspire and inform you about the changing landscape of lifestyle industry and the companies that are spearheading this change.

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