Who are England’s Pioneers in Influential Sales Automation Startups Today?

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As technology has evolved, so has the world of sales. Automation is fast becoming the norm in today’s digital age, and there’s a growing number of UK startups at the forefront of this trend. From intent data platforms to AI-powered solutions, these companies provide innovative tools and applications to streamline and supercharge the sales process. This article looks at 15 such sales automation startups based in England, United Kingdom that are revolutionising the way businesses operate.

These startups range from providing solutions in customer relationship management, digital marketing, and lead generation to groundbreaking ventures in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These buttoned-up innovators are not just redefining their industries but also offering significant contributions to the technological advancement of sales automation.

Let’s dive into learning more about these dynamic startups and how they are reshaping the sales automation landscape.

Radiate B2B

Radiate B2B is an intent data platform transforming the advertising, B2B, marketing, SaaS and sales industries. The company utilises its unique platform to monitor company activity across websites and the internet, identifying market trends and predicting future behaviour. Radiate B2B was brought to life by founders Mike Weston and Riaz Kanani.


Focused on human resources, information technology, and social media marketing, among others, Primeflow enables companies to partner up with high-profile ambassadors and their audiences, helping to source talent and business potential. Primeflow is the brainchild of founders Daniel Svonava, Jan Baeriswyl, and Nancy Fechnay.

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Saastronomical is a forward-thinking IT consultancy company that develops automation tools to streamline marketing, accounting, and business processes.


Yoorop is a consulting company that combines digital marketing services with innovative lead generation and sales automation solutions.

LeadGen App

Recognising the need for easy-to-use online forms, LeadGen App has provided businesses and marketing professionals with a convenient solution that requires no coding experience.


Liinea sells expertise in the form of training, workshops, and masterclasses on sales for B2B companies, promoting growth, and professional development.


Founders Phil Denham and Tobias Dawes have positioned Avnio at the forefront of the AI and machine learning revolution. Specialising in RFP Automation and PreSales Operations, Avnio offers targeted solutions to the enterprise software industry.


Minelead.io, another leading SaaS platform offers efficient and reliable ways to find and verify B2B email addresses. The startup was founded by A Hallam and has made significant strides in the digital marketing and lead generation industries.

The Architech Club

The Architech Club, founded by Gemma Blezard, is a management consulting company offering innovative customer service and informat Information services.


Under the leadership of founder Matthew Watson, WeDoCRM has become the go-to source for CRM support that delivers optimised operations for businesses across CRM teams and businesses.

Social Proofy

Social Proofy, led by founder Gokhan Memis, is a marketing platform that leverages the psychological concept of social proof to help businesses boost market visibility and customer base.


Co-founders Bobby Tang and James Lo’s creation, Mana, connects creators and professionals with its world-class builder platform.

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OneShot, launched by founder Gautam Rishi, focuses on making hyper-personalised prospecting a reality.


wakeflow.io, founded by Andreas Kater, simplifies operations by ensuring work flows in a scalable and shareable manner.


Automaly, a sales and marketing automation consultancy, provides businesses with tailored strategies and tools to improve their market performance and achieve their desired goals.

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