Who are England’s Top Influential Delivery Startups Transforming UK Logistics?

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In the last couple of years, the delivery industry has experienced an unprecedented boom in the United Kingdom. This growth can be attributed to numerous innovative startups that have been keen to revolutionize the delivery logistics and infrastructure in the region. This surge in startup activity has not only contributed to consumer convenience but has also transformed the way businesses operate.

Delivery startups are not just limited to food and grocery delivery anymore. They now cater to a wide range of needs including peer to peer delivery, seafood supply chain, talent acquisition, and even autonomous robotics. Undoubtedly, this diversity is equipping consumers with more control over how, when, and where their orders are delivered.

In this article, we present an overview of some of the most notable delivery startups in England, and how they are disrupting their respective industries for the better.


Shift is an on-demand technology platform catering to both consumers and businesses, focusing mainly on the logistics market. With strong foundations in artificial intelligence, the startup is redefining the metrics of delivery and logistics. Shift was brought to light by the efforts of its founder, Jacob Corlett.


Tradechum is a mobile application that bridges the gap between people who wish to buy items from abroad and travelers willing to deliver these items. The startup, founded by Alisa Sakovych and Tadeusz Bartkiewicz, generates a mutually beneficial logistics solution.

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Pesky Fish

Currently based in the UK, Pesky Fish leverages technology to reconstruct the global seafood supply chain. This startup, founded by Aiden Berry and Ben King, believes strongly in transparency and policy reform in the seafood industry.

Hired By Startups

Hired By Startups is a unique startup which specializes in offering onsite and external talent acquisition solutions. This startup, created by Tom Ladds, provides services to some of the rapidly growing startups in the UK.

Khubz Arabi

Khubz Arabi is a Middle Eastern food delivery company started by Rafat Mahmoud, bringing the delight of authentic eastern cuisine to the UK in a convenient format.


Taster is a food delivery service startup that operates numerous “digital only” restaurants on food delivery platforms. This startup was founded by Anton Soulier and implements a unique business model in its operations.

Collectiv Food

Founded by Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi, Collectiv Food is a food supply chain business that allows for greater transparency and lower ingredient costs for businesses.


Kiffgo app, established by Bernard Sivert and Simon Birchall, is a platform that connects people and businesses to available van drivers instantly. Kiffgo has been instrumental in offering speedy delivery solutions.


Devo, started by Samuel Adesanya, offers an all-encompassing operating system that aids in digital transformations for convenience stores. The system offers B2B solutions, delivery, food and beverages, grocery and Point of Sale Services.


Autocruit is the world’s first recruiterless recruitment platform. Built for developers by developers, Autocruit simplifies and optimizes the hiring process in the tech industry.


Likemeal is a food recommendation service founded by Sergey Novikov, leveraging the digital space to help food enthusiasts find their next best meal.

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Karma Kitchen

Started by Francesca and Georgina Newton, Karma Kitchen is a provider of shared and private kitchen spaces for businesses to grow and scale. This innovative setup has helped many food startups get off the ground without investing heavily in infrastructure.


James Henderson’s startup, Zephr, offers a technology platform specifically designed for media companies to enhance their subscription revenue. The platform aims to optimize digital monetization strategies.


Founded by Thomas King, Cloudworkz delivers innovative marketing, sales and content services. The company helps businesses better connect and engage with their target audience online.


Peyk, the brainchild of Salman Moghimi, is a London based peer-to-peer delivery platform. The startup is leading the way towards innovative delivery solutions with their autonomous peer to peer deliveries through robotics.

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