Who Are Leading England’s Transaction Processing Startup Revolution in 2023?

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The UK is a hotbed for startups across a range of industries. One booming sector is Transaction Processing, and the UK is at the epicentre of some of the most innovative transaction processing startups and companies. This article showcases a range of these businesses, discussing their products or services and impressive strides they’ve taken to make banking, payments, and logistics smoother, faster, and more secure.

From FinTech pioneers to charity connectors and crypto gateways, these enterprises use cutting-edge technology and unconventional thinking to revolutionise a key area of our daily lives—making transactions. Let’s shine a spotlight on these exceptional companies.

Without further ado, here are 15 exciting transaction processing startups and businesses based in the UK:


Thirdfort is a pioneering FinTech startup that seeks to mitigate fraud in big transactions by combining anti-fraud mechanisms with Know Your Client (KYC) protocols and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. Founded by Jack Bidgood and Olly Thornton-Berry, Thirdfort is helping businesses and individuals secure their significant transactions.


FACE DONATE revolutionises the way we perceive and involve ourselves in charitable giving. Through their platform, they connect those in needs with those willing to help, making giving more than a faceless activity. Founded by Alberto De Biasio and Alexandr Kulakov, Face Donate is a social impact startup making waves in various sectors including Retail Technology, Social CRM, and Transaction Processing.

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FXPay offers a gateway solution to manage transactions for the Forex broker industry. It offers a crucial service in an industry that requires fast, reliable, and secure transaction processing.


Cityport uses innovative strategies to safeguard goods transported by lorries from theft. Cityport has crafted a niche for itself in the logistics and transaction processing space, ensuring that goods are safely transported and tracked.

Tribe Payments

Tribe Payments founded by Suresh Vaghjiani, is a cloud-based payment solution for Fintechs. Tribe Payments offers a fully customizable and ‘end-to-end’ payment solution which has become vital for the modern banking, finance, and IT services industries.

Abacus FX

Abacus FX operates in the area of foreign exchange and risk management. It helps businesses manage their FX transactions and minimise risks associated with currency fluctuations.


Rebank provides a single dashboard to manage and track bank accounts and money movements. Founders Juan Andrade and Simon White have used this innovative tool to simplify and streamline the banking process.


CryptAPI simplifies cryptocurrency payments. Founded by Joaquim Costa, Jorge Batista, and Stefano Moretti, this Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, FinTech, Mobile Payments, Payments, Transaction Processing startup is making it easier to handle transactions in the world of digital currencies.

GlobePay Limited

GlobePay Limited specialises in RMB/GBP cross-border payments and Chinese digital marketing. Founded by Anna Hu, the firm offers a sophisticated gateway for credit card and debit card payments while also catering to the growing need for strong marketing automation.

PayMob Technology

PayMob Technology is a frontline payment technology provider that offers online payment tools and payment gateways, making it a go-to startup for businesses requiring advanced payment solutions.

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Game Payment Technology

Game Payment Technology offers tailored payment solutions for the gaming industry, creating a system more attuned to the needs and dynamics of gaming transactions.


Paychant, founded by Gabriel Adeniji and Moses Adeniji, is an innovative platform that allows businesses and individuals in Africa to accept digital currencies as payment in their day-to-day commerce.


Fondy simplifies local payments and payouts globally. Founders Maxim Kozenko and Valeria Vahorovska envisioned Fondy as a one-stop-shop for all your cross-border payment needs. Whether it’s NFC or financial services, Fondy has got it covered.


Crezco provides instant, innovative payment solutions. Founded by Igor Pikovsky and Ralph Rogge, the firm has developed a next-generation payment process that redefines speed and innovation.

Modo Money

Modo Money, founded by Igor Krstelj, is a FinTech firm that offers comprehensive financial payment and transaction services for both individuals and businesses, making it stand out in the sea of similar providers.

In conclusion, these 15 UK-based startups are leveraging technology to redefine transaction processing. With their innovative solutions and forward-thinking strategies, they are setting a new benchmark for what’s possible in the domain of transactions and payments.

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