Who Are Leading the TV Startup Revolution in the UK Today?

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United Kingdom’s startup scene is buzzing vibrantly across a multitude of sectors, and the television industry is no exception. This industry has been significantly transformed and evolved by the introduction of innovative startups, leveraging technology, creativity, and intrapreneurial spirit. Here are some of the most interesting television startups that have sprouted in the UK, offering various services from virtual reality and production services to fitness and wellness TV platforms.

Notably, these startups are not merely presenting innovative products but also setting examples through the manner in which they blend creativity and technology. With a keen understanding of consumer demands, these startups have shared unique, creative, and technologically advanced solutions that have revolutionised traditional television concepts.

Whether by producing quality content, presenting fresh perspectives, or offering platforms that unite creators and consumers, these startups represent the future of TV in the UK. Here, we explore these companies’ services and the distinguished founders behind them.

Parable Works

Parable Works, co-founded by David Wise and James Harris, is an impressive Virtual Reality and Television Studio & Agency. They offer services across advertising, broadcasting, film production, marketing, media, entertainment, and TV production, showcasing the immense potential of virtual reality within these industries.

The Art Show

The next on our list is The Art Show, a television series that transcends boundaries by providing entertainment, sports, news, magazines, and more to a global audience. This media and entertainment startup has made noticeable strides within TV production.

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BOLT Global

BOLT Global, co-headed by founders Christel Quek and Jamal Hassim has emerged as a leading player in Web3 Solutions. Through a blend of media, entertainment, and TV services, BOLT Global is developing digital content that caters to the needs of today’s audience.


Realmless, spearheaded by Antony Adel, is an event service company bridging content creation, event management, and TV production, offering an amalgamation of services to clients across different platforms.


Pioneering the latest wave of production/post-production services is Panchroma. They are shaping the future of film production, media, and TV production through next-generation solutions.

Wonderhood Studios

Helping brands and broadcasters to shape culture through creativity is Wonderhood Studios. Co-founded by Aidan McClure, Alex Best, and David Abraham, this startup is significantly influencing film production, media, and entertainment industry.


SMASH, co-founded by Christine Hartland, Fiona Gillies, and Mahesh Ramachandra, offers a unique SaaS platform connecting diverse content creators with decision-makers in the film and TV industry.

True Royalty TV

True Royalty TV, co-created by Edward Mason and Gregor Angus, is an innovative channel dedicated to all things Royal, offering a niche broadcasting platform.

Soho Media Club

Providing a diverse range of services from meetups to distribution, Soho Media Club, co-founded by Jaisica Lapsiwala and Tomasz Witkowski, is a go-to hub for media production and post-production activities.


FIT.live, led by AJ Joshi, is the go-to resource for fitness, offering a unique amalgamation of apps, healthcare, media, entertainment, and TV services.

White Tusk Studios

Offering award-winning video production & food photography services is White Tusk Studios. Specialising in Tv/Film production, they merge creativity with technological innovation.

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FlairBox, co-founded by Elliot Janks and Robert Eades, stands as the home for performers. They offer a platform where individuals can perform, connect and possibly be discovered.


7TH MINUTE is a Freemium, SaaS TV Contextual Data & Insights Platform founded by Ed French. The startup sits at the convergence of broadcasting, digital media, and video advertising, shaping these spaces with its innovative solutions.

Interstellar TV

Interstellar TV is an independent production company offering engaging and innovative content, pushing the boundaries of traditional TV production.

Pro Box

Wrapping up our list is Pro Box, an AI-driven interactive beauty, wellness, & fashion TV platform. They are blending tech with the wellness and fashion spaces, offering a unique TV experience.

From virtual reality studios to niche broadcasting platforms, these are the trendsetter startups adding fresh perspectives to UK’s television industry. Each one of them has something unique to offer, and undoubtedly, they are the future of TV in the UK.

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