Who are London’s Most Influential Machine Learning Startups in 2023?

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Machine Learning (ML) is among the most exponential technologies currently reshaping our world. With an ability to leverage algorithms to learn from and make decisions without actually being explicitly programmed, Machine Learning is transforming businesses and startups across the globe. London, England, a global hub for startups and technology, is leading the way in the ML sector, and here we shine a light on some of the most exciting and innovative ML startups based in this bustling city.

From generating intelligent automation to combating fake news, London-based Machine Learning companies are making significant advancements in an array of industries including finance, agriculture and fashion. By integrating Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data, these startups are pushing the boundaries and opening up new possibilities.

As the ML landscape continually evolves, it’s vital to keep at the forefront of innovation. Without further ado, let’s delve into the top 15 Machine Learning startups that are making waves in London.


Rossum is a cloud document gateway propelled by AI for automated business communication. It operates in industries ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Document Management, Machine Learning to Software as a Service (SaaS), and Software. The startup was established by Petr Baudis, Tomas Gogar, and Tomas Tunys.


Factmata focuses on AI for automated content understanding, offering solutions for brand marketing, news analytics, public relations, social media marketing, and text analytics. It was founded by Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati, and Sebastian Riedel.

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Looper Insights

Looper Insights is a SaaS e-commerce optimisation business primarily focusing on the Film/TV vertical. Fadi Shuman, Lucas Bertrand, and Nelly Voukaki are the brains behind this innovative startup.


SPRYT is a wellness and fitness service firm betting on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Health Care, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

XAI Asset Management

XAI Asset Management is a boutique asset management firm that creates Macro and AI-driven systematic investment products.

Optimal Agriculture

Optimal Agriculture, founded by David Hunter and João Abrantes, aims to deploy AI-operated greenhouses outside every city on earth, revolutionising the AgTech sector.


ZEE9 focuses on turning data into valuable information for smart decision making in business. The startup was established by Alessandro Trinca Arnould.


Kami.ai, founded by Alex Cheung is an AI conversational platform that powers businesses with smart robot advisory services.


Futr builds chatbots that revolutionise how organisations engage with people. Andrew Wilkins and Lee Skyrme are the minds behind Futr.


Measmerize provides a solution aimed at reducing returns and increasing sales in fashion e-commerce, employing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning.


9omi.com focuses on revolutionising the UK retail industry through the application of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).


loomi.ai, created by Al Ramich and Surjit Bhachu, is an Intelligent Assistant platform for organising and prioritising user’s connected world.

Taia Translations

Taia Translations is a modern web platform, utilising the latest translation technology to help companies translate their content more efficiently. Marko Hozjan and Matija Kovač are the founders of this startup.

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AGENDA is a full service marketing and web development agency that focuses on machine-learning and AI instead of ‘the human touch’. It was founded by Ian Petras.


causaLens is a causality AI software company that develops intelligent machines for a better understanding of Big Data. The startup was established by Darko Matovski and Maksim Sipos.

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