Who are London’s Pioneering Service Industry Startups Shaping the Future?

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UK’s vibrant startup scene is widely recognised globally, thanks to the innovative and disruptive companies that are shaping various industries. In this article, we turn the spotlight towards UK’s service industry, particularly focusing on London-based startups. These companies, by leveraging the power of technology and human ingenuity, are adding significant value to the economy and pushing the boundaries in their respective sectors.

The service industry is inherently diverse, encompassing sectors like finance, marketing, transport, employment, food and beverage, artificial intelligence, fitness, and more. London, with its culturally rich talent pool, favourable regulatory environment, and excellent infrastructure, is often the city of choice for both home-grown and international startups.

Given the pivotal role that service sector startups play in the UK economy, it is essential to keep track of the latest and most exciting players shaping the industry. So, here is a list of 15 impressive service industry startups based in London that are making waves in the UK, and beyond.

Velo Payments

Velo Payments operates in the financial services business, providing payout solutions. Founders Drew Weinstein, Elliott DeLoach, and John Davies envisioned a safer and more efficient platform for transactions, thus leading to the creation of the company.


Bidstats is the UK’s largest operator of open source procurement & tender data, employing a range of analysis tools and search functions to make procurement operations smoother, faster, and more intuitive. The startup continues to set higher standards in the information services, information technology, procurement, service industry, and software sectors.

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FlowX integrates with city authorities’ existing CCTV network to provide better transport data, contributing to smoother traffic flow and improved city planning. Initiators Kylan Gibbs and Richard Cartwright founded FlowX to enhance transportation data collection and analysis.


At Tuki, the focus is promoting an improved work culture via team sharing within trusted communities. The startup operates in various sectors, including employee benefits, employment, hospitality, human resources, mobile, recruiting, service industry, social entrepreneurship, and social impact.

GROW: in London

GROW: in London provides cutting-edge marketing solutions. With its range of digital marketing services, the agency helps brands generate leads, effectively manage social media, and reach their targeted audience.

Hive Aero

Hive Aero specialises in aviation insurance, addressing the complex risk factors present in the aviation and aerospace sectors. Co-founded by Bruce Carman, the company has become a trusted name in the insurance industry.

Karma Kitchen

Karma Kitchen is a platform for food businesses to grow and scale, offering both shared and private kitchen spaces. Founders Francesca Newton and Georgina Newton have created these flexible spaces to support and catalyse the growth of food and beverage businesses.


Puresport, is pushing boundaries in the medical cannabis and fitness industry. The company’s smart medicinal applications of cannabis are setting trends in the consumer goods, fitness, medical, service industry, and wellness sectors.


Mindzilla provides services in science, artificial intelligence, and blockchain sectors. Founded by Tim El-Sheikh, the company leverages the power of AI and big data to deliver cutting-edge solutions.


Keepme excels in the development of artificial intelligence, operational tools, and automation engines. Operating in the AI industry, Keepme is committed to developing disruptive technologies.

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Yoke Network

Yoke Network assists mobile applications grow by driving downloads through social media influencers and delivering tangible business value. Founders Jidé Maduako and Mustafa Mohamed drive the company’s mission to reshape the mobile app industry.


Lendco offers a new approach to property financing. With a focus on providing flexible and bespoke financing solutions, Simon Knight founded Lendco to revolutionise the property financing landscape.

Report Accident

Report Accident offers an effective accident claims management service, simplifying the process and guiding the claimants through every stage after the accident.


Reviti is bringing a fresh perspective to life insurance, providing unique insurance solutions for smokers, quitters, and switchers. The startup operates in the financial services, healthcare, insurance, life insurance, and service industry.

ESG Clarity

ESG Clarity provides news, events, and research services for wealth managers, investment IFAs and other professional fund pickers, offering a fresh viewpoint on market trends and investment opportunities.

To sum up, these forward-thinking startups are redefining the service industry landscape in London. Their relentless passion and intelligent use of technology are fostering an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, amounting to a more vibrant and dynamic UK economy.

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