Who are London’s Rising Stars in Media and Entertainment Startups?

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UKT News is proud to bring you a cutting-edge guide to 15 of the most exciting startups currently flourishing within the Media and Entertainment sector of London. From cryptocurrency news outlets to VR-driven experiences, we shine the spotlight on those companies pushing boundaries and redefining their respective fields.

Many of these startups are utilizing modern technologies, including blockchain, augmented reality, and the internet, to entertain, inform, and engage in wholly innovative ways. No two are alike, and that’s the beauty of the creative landscape in London. Here, we provide a glimpse into the imagination and entrepreneurship of London’s vibrant media landscape.

Without further ado, here are fifteen Media and Entertainment startups that are making waves out of London.


CryptoMeNow is a London-based startup dedicated to making blockchain and cryptocurrency accessible and easy to understand. CryptoMeNow challenges the complexity typically associated with these subjects and seeks to simplify the field for everyone.


ImmVRse is a decentralised hybrid VR content distribution platform. Co-founders Farabi Shayor and Limon Rahman have used a combination of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Media and Entertainment, and Virtual Reality to make this possible – combining cutting edge technology with media and entertainment.


Footbolé has its eyes set on creating a revolutionary brand for new-gen football fans via shareable content, data, and distribution. With a focus on Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and Soccer, Footbolé is reaching out to football enthusiasts with engaging content.

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Parable Works

Parable Works is a Virtual Reality and Television Studio & Agency. Founded by David Wise and James Harris, Parable Works combines Advertising, Broadcasting, Film Production, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, TV, TV Production, and Virtual Reality to offer an all-encompassing VR and TV experience.

The Art Show

The Art Show is a Media and Entertainment startup focusing on delivering entertainment, sports, and news content globally through a dedicated TV series. An information hub, the Art Show is an interesting mix of Media and Entertainment, TV, and TV production.


Face2trade’s mission is to uphold its reputation as a first-class provider of ad services. This London-based startup spans across Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Internet, Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Mobile Advertising, and Publishing.


ZyCrypto is an exciting online Cryptocurrency Media Outlet. They publish Breaking News, Expert Opinions, Analysis, Reviews, and so much more. The company focuses on Cryptocurrency, Media and Entertainment, and News.

E3 Media

E3 Media is a digital marketing agency situated in London. The company has its hand in Advertising, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, and Social Media, providing a bundle of services for its clients.


Founded by Stephan Oehen, Gondoli is a web-based travel platform exclusively providing editorially reviewed content. Combining Business Information Systems, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, Social Media, and Travel, Gondoli brings trustworthy travel content to its platform.

BOLT Global

Christel Quek and Jamal Hassim founded BOLT Global, a leading Web3 solutions company. BOLT global maintains a strong presence in the Media and Entertainment and TV industry.


Meanwhile, founded by Driss Hamiani and Omid Fazel, is a video curator with a reaction. Operating in the Media and Entertainment sector, Meanwhile is bringing a different taste to video content.

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Samir Garasia’s ViralMash is an entertainment website that operates in the Content, Media and Entertainment, Music, News, and Social News sectors. A hub for music lovers and people looking for exciting content.


LADmob makes its mark in the Media and Entertainment Sector as a fun-filled provider of entertainment richness.

Discover Film

Discover Film, founded by Sarah Jane Thomson and Steve Harmston, is a technology platform for short form video content focusing on mental health, wellbeing, and entertainment, working within the Apps, Health Care, Media and Entertainment, Video Streaming, and Wellness industries.


Co-founders Chris Adams and Ed Wardle’s OTHERWORLD is the brick-and-mortar metaverse, an island paradise in the cloud reached through a growing network of multi-sensory immersion pods. The startup has its footing in Digital Entertainment, Hospitality, Leisure, Media and Entertainment, Video Games, and Virtual Reality.

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