Who Are London’s Top Influential Risk Management Startups in 2023?

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London is a thriving hub for risk management startups, with a diverse range of companies providing innovative solutions to managing a variety of risks. From cybersecurity insurance to AI-driven litigation risk assessment, this city is home to companies pushing the boundaries of what is possible in risk management. The booming tech industry, coupled with London’s status as a global financial center, has created the perfect conditions for these startups to flourish. This article will delve into 15 intriguing risk management startups based in London, exploring what they do and why they’re worth watching.

With a growing emphasis on data security, companies are increasingly interested in methods to safeguard their data and mitigate the risk of data breaches. The startups included here deliver a myriad of solutions, employing modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain and operating across diverse industries such as finance, shipping, and construction. We are excited to introduce startups revolutionizing risk management landscape in the UK and beyond.

As we explore each of these London-based risk management startups, keep in mind how interconnected different types of risks can be. Often, managing one type of risk (e.g., cybersecurity) can have implications for managing other types of risks (e.g., financial or legal risks). Nowhere is this more apparent than in the innovative solutions offered by the following startups.


Apomatix is an active audit management software that audits risks and conducts gap analysis. Founded by Cam Keogh-Ly and Vartan Sarkissian, the company operates in the Compliance, Cyber Security, IT, Risk Management fields, among others.

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Cyber Covered

Specialising in web-based insurance for cybersecurity, data insurance, claims management, and payment services, Cyber Covered offers comprehensive cyber risk management solutions.

ShareAction AODP

ShareAction AODP is a nonprofit organization that offers analysis and risk management services for retirement savings.


Edilora provides software to make expeditions, large and small, safer and easier to organise and operate, focusing on the Risk Management, SaaS, and Software industries. The startup was co-founded by Simon Mayes.

Risk Ledger

Presenting itself as the world’s most innovative vendor risk management platform, Risk Ledger operates on the model of a secure social network. The company was founded by Daniel Saul and Haydn Brooks.


Raise is pioneering the future of invoice finance, functioning in the Financial Services, FinTech, Funding Platform, and Risk Management fields. The startup was co-founded by Bea Stafford and Tim Bailey.


A provider of financial markets data and infrastructure, Refinitiv offers critical insights in the financial services and risk management industries. The company was founded by David Craig.


CourtQuant is an AI-led platform that provides quantitative litigation risk assessment solutions specifically for litigation funders, operating in the Analytics, AI, IT, Legal, Predictive Analytics, Risk Management field.


HiLo Maritime Risk Management offers critical risk management solutions for the shipping industry, which transports 90% of goods globally.

RISC Vision

As a provider of cloud-based risk intelligence management solutions, RISC Vision operates in the Business Intelligence, Data Mining, IT, Risk Management, Software spaces.

Abacus FX

Operating in the Financial Services, Risk Management, and Transaction Processing sectors, Abacus FX offers foreign exchange and risk management solutions.

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The Insurer

The Insurer is a risk management company that provides the latest insurance news, analysis, and data service.


Co-founded by Grant Thomas, Credenxia is a digital platform managing workforce in government, healthcare, transport, construction, and resources, leveraging technologies in Biometrics, Health Care, Information Services, IT, Risk Management, and the Virtual Workforce sectors.

Quod Orbis

Offering services in IT, Professional Services, Risk Management, and SaaS, Quod Orbis delivers peace of mind and cost reduction to clients by helping them reduce their digital risk and improve service.

Aleph Commodities

Aleph Commodities is a trading company that provides investment, logistics and risk management solutions across the commodities supply chain, operating in the Angel Investment, Logistics, Risk Management, and Trading Platform fields.

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