Who Are London’s Top IoT Startups Revolutionising the Tech Industry?

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The buzzing city of London is fast becoming a global hotspot for Internet of Things (IoT) startups. These bold and innovative companies, relentlessly pursuing the next frontier of technology, are reshaping the commercial landscape of the city and beyond. In this article, we aim to shine a spotlight on 15 promising IoT startups from London, and delve into the unique value propositions they each offer.

IoT refers to interconnected devices embedded within everyday objects that enable them to send and receive data. From transforming industry operations to shaping consumer habits, this technology has vast potential for impact in a variety of spheres. London, having served as the breeding ground for numerous high-impact startups to date, is well-positioned to nurture these IoT frontrunners.

Let’s embark on a tour of London’s vibrant IoT startup scene, exploring companies that are making waves in the realms of digital marketing, data management, AI technology, and more.


Weissman is a leading full-service digital agency operating in the IoT space. Co-founded by Paul Querol and Sebastian Harterink, Weissman specialises in advertising, digital marketing, online portals and more.


Datahoard offers an innovative solution for monetising data, allowing users to control and profit from their digital footprints. Led by co-founders Balal Raja and Jamal Khan, Datahoard operates in industries such as B2B, big data, SaaS, and mobile apps.


CoinIndex, founded by Alexander Lozovyuk and Yulia Sporysh, is a data platform focusing on the crypto derivatives market. They are part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, with a focus on IoT.

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Taia Translations

At the intersection of AI, machine learning, SaaS, and IoT, is the modern web platform Taia Translations. Founded by Matija Kovač and Marko Hozjan, the company assists businesses in translating their content more efficiently.

City Surfer

City Surfer aims to be a comprehensive lifestyle guide by leveraging IoT. Founded by Christopher Roach, the app presents a unique blend of services in sectors like advertising, hospitality, fashion, and mobile apps.


Bookingwhale provides a user-friendly online solution for bookings and business order management. Its focus lies in B2B, e-commerce, CRM, and IoT sectors.


BrandBear is an inventive business naming marketplace which pairs brand names with domain names and logos. Its areas of expertise include advertising, e-commerce, web design, and IoT.

Zedd Ltd

Zedd Ltd is an IoT startup that has developed a social networking app. Their focus lies in the intersection of IoT, mobile, and social media.


Intelance, co-founded by Emmanuel Olatunji, provides data integration and management consulting. Their motto reads ‘Connected team. Connected data. Limitless possibilities.’

Smart City Operating System

Smart City Operating System, founded by Flynn Robinson, brings IoT to smart homes, businesses, and nations by providing a centralised automation platform.


consents.online is an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) that offers ‘Open Banking as a Service’, facilitating access to APIs from banks to collect transaction data.

Smart Audio Technologies

Smart Audio Technologies, founded by Sandeep Chintala, offers groundbreaking AI noise reduction technology for voice communications, building on IoT principles.


PlayHit, founded by Valentin Krzyzyk, transforms music interaction across messaging channels. Their focus lies in sectors such as cybersecurity, music, and IoT.

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Ad-Lib.io, helmed by Oli Marlow-Thomas, is innovating in the advertising industry by powering creative effectiveness through IoT, CRM, and video technologies.


Inadash, co-founded by Drahim Hasula and Vincenzo Nicoletti, is providing change in the real estate industry by enabling swift, efficient rental property viewings through IoT.

Through their diverse applications of IoT, these companies and their ingenuity continue to breathe life into London’s tech scene and position the city as a nexus of IoT innovation.

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