Who are Manchester’s Most Influential Art Startups Shaping the Industry?

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Manchester, a city known globally for its rich history, sports legacy, vibrant music scene, and now, an emerging technology and start-up hub in the UK. Among the growing number of promising start-ups in Manchester, there is a fascinating cluster focused on art, innovation, and Artificial Intelligence technology. Region leading tech start-ups are proliferating, enjoying the benefits of a thriving tech scene such as rich talent pool, vibrant networks, and an increasingly supportive ecosystem.

Technological advancements are enabling transformation in every industry and sector, with Art and AI witnessing exciting new developments. In this article, we explore some ground-breaking tech start-ups in Manchester who are harnessing the power of AI to redefine and revolutionize various sectors. These start-ups are shaping the future in their respective fields by using AI and machine learning to solve complex problems and provide next-generation solutions. From automation and quality control to HR tech solutions, these start-ups are taking art to a new level.

They are also reshaping traditional industries and areas of life. Here is a rundown on fifteen of the most promising AI startups in Manchester to keep an eye on:



MindTrace is a cutting-edge AI company offering automation solutions for quality, safety, and production systems across various industries. Its bleeding-edge AI technology is increasing efficiency and productivity in industries like aerospace, artificial intelligence, asset management, automotive, construction, health care, pharmaceutical, real estate, retail technology, and warehousing.
Founders: Kamelia Dimova, Michael Denham

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QuantilYtics is a tech start-up focused on aspects such as mobile development, data science, AI, and desktop application solutions. They are making substantial inroads in analytics, artificial intelligence, CRM, information technology, iOS, mobile, mobile apps, software, and web design industries.



From blockchain and AI to peer-to-peer exchange systems, UrbanChain is pioneering technological upheaval in various spheres. Their expertise spans across artificial intelligence, blockchain, clean energy, energy management, green technology, IT, machine learning, and renewable energy.


talentpuddle Website

talentpuddle provides impressive HR tech that utilizes AI and machine learning to match candidates to resumes and CVs across corporate ATS’s (Applicant Tracking Systems) and HR platforms. Founded by Martin Dangerfield, they are pioneering in the field of artificial intelligence, human resources, information technology, and machine learning.



SeeChange is an AI software company specializing in real-time visual intelligence solutions. Its cutting-edge technology is bringing changes in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, software, and video.

The Modular Analytics Co.


TMAC is a SaaS company specializing in AI for speech analytics, conversational guidance, and learning and development in contact centers. Their unique solutions are appreciated in industries such as artificial intelligence, e-learning, machine learning, marketing, and speech recognition.



AINOSTICS is a medical tech company that is creating groundbreaking AI algorithms and MRI measurements for the accurate diagnosis and management of neurological conditions. Their use of AI technology involves areas like artificial intelligence, clinical trials, healthcare, machine learning, and medical devices.



Netacea is combating internet threats using Intent Analytics powered by machine learning. Their new-age approach to cyber threats offers solutions in analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, IT, internet, machine learning, network security, SaaS, and security.

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INEVITABLE is all about unlocking the power of AI through accessible innovation. Operating in fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software, they are a significant part of the city’s tech landscape.



BlackDice uses machine learning software for device management and cybersecurity. Their dynamic mix of artificial intelligence, cyber security, machine learning, and software is driving significant advancement in their respective industries.



Xploro uses AR, gamification, and AI to reduce the anxiety of young patients during hospital visits. Their work is transforming the way healthcare is delivered to younger consumers and how they interact with healthcare providers.



Pre-PIM uses advanced visual AI to convert images into feature-rich attributes and descriptions for the retail industry. Their innovation is creating a significant value addition in the fields of analytics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, e-commerce, and machine learning.



Chief.AI is a global AI-as-a-service platform that is turning heads in artificial intelligence and machine learning industries. Found by Waqar Shah, their offerings are widening the spectrum of AI services.



Altavox is a voice-first design studio and consultancy working in the fields of advertising, artificial intelligence, consulting, natural language processing, UX design, and virtual assistant. They are ensuring that the technology is incorporated fruitfully into various sectors.

Well Good


Well Good is a personalized mental healthcare product that prevents crisis by using data and artificial intelligence at work. Their technology is adding value to the fields of artificial intelligence, B2B, healthcare, and machine learning.

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