Who Are Manchester’s Most Influential Security Startups Transforming Industry Norms?

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Welcome to the roundup of some of the exciting and innovative security startups in Manchester, UK. In the recent decade, the city has seen a dramatic surge in the technology sector. Specifically, the cybersecurity landscape in the city has grown exponentially with groundbreaking startups revolutionizing the industry. These startups have developed sophisticated approaches that effectively tackle fundamental cybersecurity problems facing different sectors today. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these promising companies.

In Manchester, we find an outstanding cluster of security startups which are providing the necessary innovation to combat escalating cyber threats. These organizations range from independent digital security solution providers to machine learning software developers. They operate across a gamut of specializations, including cloud security, cyber security, enterprise software, network security, and even travel-tech.

Let’s take an in-depth look at these Manchester security startups, the solutions they bring to the table and the interesting things they are doing in the world of security – local and far beyond.


Starting with SheriffWare, an independent digital security solutions provider co-founded by Ali Altaf, Amir Altaf, and Hanumant Raghuvanshi. They operate across multiple industries including Cloud Security, Consumer Software, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things, and Network Security.

Strive Sales

Next is Strive Sales, a company providing world-class go-to-market teams for disruptive, VC backed software companies. Their sectors of expertise lays in Big Data, Cyber Security, Employment, Recruoking, SaaS and Staffing Agency.

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Further Network

Further Network, co-founded by Cem Ersözlü, Erdem Üney, and Eser Sevim, is creating an Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem. They work along the sectors of Blockchain, Cyber Security, Mobile Apps, and Travel.


Your notice of Netacea, founded by Andy Still and Jeremy Gidlow, will unveil a company that uses Intent Analytics powered by machine learning to manage bots and tackle sophisticated online threats.

Romano Security Consulting

Proficient in Cyber Security and Information Technology, Romano Security Consulting offers bespoke Cyber Security and Information Security Consultancy Services and Solutions. Behind the helm of this venture is Paul Romano.


BlackDice, started by Paul Hague, provides a machine learning software for device management and cybersecurity.


A unique addition to the list is Cloudgineers, a community and a hiring platform for certified cloud engineers – developers, architects, and DevOps practitioners.

IT Telecoms & Security

If you’re looking for a company that offers IT systems, networks, telecoms, cyber security, and support services, check out IT Telecoms & Security.


Thorough their innovative programmes, CAPSLOCK challenges the norms of education by re-skilling adults into cyber security professionals at no up-front cost. The initiative is part of the vision of Dr. Andrea Cullen, Jonathan Slater, and Lorna Armitage.


Backed by high-profile VCs, accelerators and universities, and specialising in Computer and Network Security, Praeferre is another remarkable startup worth noting.

The Whole

Exploring social engineering, phishing, and security awareness, The Whole is a startup setting benchmarks in the Cyber Security, E-Learning, and Security industries.


A demanding voice for diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in cyber security, Fezzant promotes an effective cyber security culture. The company was founded by Aliyu Yisa.

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The startup Cytix is developing a Vulnerability Exposure platform that integrates engineering, security, and management to automate the vulnerability management lifecycle. This noteworthy project is co-founded by Ben Armstrong and Thomas Ballin.


Lastly, MiSentinelSOS offers an app-based lone worker safety solution. The application allows for real-time tracking, check-ins and is a perfect fit for enterprises concerned with worker safety.

In conclusion, this roundup is a testament to the growing cybersecurity innovation in Manchester. These companies showcase the talent, creativity, and ambition that characterise the vibrant tech scene of the city. They are indeed reshaping the cybersecurity landscape by providing unique and effectual solutions. Stay tuned to UKT.news for more updates on security startups.

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