Who are Manchester’s Top Pioneering E-Commerce Startups Shaping 2023?

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Manchester, the northwest hub of the United Kingdom, is well known for its influence in arts, science, and industry. It is also increasingly becoming a captivation for a burgeoning sector – E-commerce. As the online marketplace continues to boom, the city is capturing plenty of this zeitgeist with a litany of intriguing startups. We have carefully selected 15 such E-Commerce startups providing unique offerings ranging from fashion to home decor, and from technology solutions to innovative marketing strategies. They are not just adding value to this blooming sector but also broadening the ecosystem of Manchester’s thriving startup landscape.

The startups we have chosen here are diverse in their niches and innovative in their approach. They are diadem of Manchester’s entrepreneurial output, imbued with the city’s industrial spirit and shaped by its technological prowess. Each of these startups has a distinct story to tell, a unique product or service to offer, and they are all contributing towards Manchester’s growing reputation as an e-commerce hub.

This list represents an eclectic mix of Manchester’s E-Commerce startups, responding to different consumer demands and providing innovative solutions to varied applications. From chic clothing lines and exclusive gift platforms to stress-free auto rental services and tech-savvy marketing companies, the versatility of these enterprises affirms Manchester’s place in the heart of the e-commerce boom. Let’s dive in and get to know these startups one by one.

Fashion Gyal

Fashion Gyal is an online women’s clothing store dedicated to bringing trendy clothing right to the shopping carts of fashion enthusiasts. The platform adds value to the E-Commerce and Fashion sectors with its diverse collection.

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Launched by Sean Brown, Mercarto is a Cloud E-commerce platform connecting suppliers with sellers. It propounds a multifaceted marketplace enhancing the dynamics of the E-Commerce, Internet, and Marketplace industries.

gift’d online

gift’d online provides gift ideas for men, women, and children. The platform, which prides itself on being always on trend, is augmenting the E-commerce, Gift, Retail, and Shopping sectors with unique offerings.


John Charnock’s Stressfreecarrental.com is a price comparison and booking platform for car hire and airport transfers. It is a significant addition to industries like Apps, Automotive, E-Commerce, Rental, Tourism, and Travel.

Auction house

Marcel Duffy’s Auction house is a unique addition to the E-Commerce industry. It is a UK-based auction house with a modern approach to e-commerce.

Missy Galaxy

Missy Galaxy offers quality women’s dresses, sportswear, shoes, and more. It delivers an excellent shopping experience for women in the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Shopping industries.


With XeeDevelopers, Shopify store development and SEO get a lot easier. They are e-commerce solution providers working towards enhancing this sector’s efficacy.


A brainchild of Joe Darwen and Phuong Nguyen, Veo is a sustainable shopping platform. They are shaping the future of E-Commerce, Retail Technology, and Shopping sectors.

The Shirt Society

Founded by Matt Bird, The Shirt Society provides quality men’s apparel via subscription. They are accelerating the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Retail sectors with their innovative approach.

Hemming & Wills

Hemming & Wills is an online store that takes care of home decor and furniture needs. They are enriching the E-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, and Retail sectors.


Elizabeth Clark and Glyn Powditch’s Pre-PIM AI is a pioneering development in the field of visual AI for the Retail industry. They are enhancing the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, E-commerce, and Machine Learning sectors.

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Jigsaw Digital

Sean Hegarty’s Jigsaw Digital helps businesses rank on search engines effectively. They are contributing significantly to the E-Commerce, Google, Internet, Marketing, and SEO sectors.


Founded by Helen Hardy, Foudys is revolutionizing women’s football jerseys’ retail sector. They are adding value to the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Retail industries.

REFY Beauty

Jenna Meek’s REFY Beauty manufactures and sells a wide range of beauty products. They are revolutionizing the Cosmetics, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, and Women’s sectors with their wide range of products.


Justin Gilchrist’s WellBox delivers personalized gift boxes straight to the door. His company advances the E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, Food Delivery, Gift, Gift Card, and Software sectors.

These 15 startups are just pearls from the ocean of Manchester’s bustling e-commerce sector. Yet, they aptly showcase the city’s dynamism, adaptability, and limitless potential for entrepreneurs who dare to think differently. With their contribution, Manchester stands poised to secure its place as a leading e-commerce hub not just in the UK, but in the world.

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