Who are Surrey’s Pioneering Consulting Startups Transforming the UK Business Landscape?

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With the rise of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, startups continue to pave the way forward in various industries. The consulting sector is definitely not an exception. Surrey, a county in the southeast of England, boasts a wealth of consulting startups. These companies disrupt traditional industries and offer customized, modern services to their clients. In this article, we will delve into the world of consulting startups, putting a spotlight on 15 of the most pioneering ones that call Surrey their home.

From financial advisory to marketing solutions for specialized sectors, these startups demonstrate a keen understanding of their respective industries and are carving out a name for themselves in their own right. Whether it’s leveraging the power of AI in designing customized solutions, transforming talent functions of businesses or facilitating effective broadcasting processes, these startups signify the innovation and growth in the consulting world.

Through this roundup, we aim to highlight these impressive companies, detailing their focus, industries they serve, their founders, and how they’re influencing the consulting sector in the UK and beyond. Sit back and take a journey through the exciting world of Surrey’s consulting startups.

Automated Markets

Founded by Robert Aitchison, Rory Kermack, and Sam Gamble, Automated Markets is a specialist technology company committed to bringing innovations from emerging technologies to businesses. They operate in a myriad of sectors including Consulting, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, Information Technology, Quantum Computing, Satellite Communication, and Software.

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Caraffi, spearheaded by Graeme Paxton and Hayley Gray, assists organisations in transforming their talent functions. They strategically look at an organisation’s infrastructure, technology and experience under their management consulting industry.

N2 Asset Management

N2 Asset Management is a financial firm that provides retirement planning, wealth management, and financial advisory services. Founded by Alex Norwood, N2 Asset Management also delves into the consulting, financial services, and retirement industries.

Dark Matter Advisory

Dark Matter Advisory is a consultancy offering advisory, business transformation, research, team coaching and start-up support services. They strive to develop businesses and provide useful training in the consulting industry.

Obair Partners

Obair Partners provides corporate finance, fundraising and advisory services to technology enterprises. Their expertise lies in the consulting, financial services, and hedge funds industry.

Spaces to Places

Led by Zoe Ellis-Moore, Spaces to Places is a real estate consulting company. They specialize in the designing, marketing, and branding of local commercial offices, with a keen interest in commercial real estate and marketing.

Childcare Marketing

Childcare Marketing focuses on providing marketing solutions specifically for the childcare industry. In addition to consulting, they also offer advice services.

MCR Broadcast Hire

MCR Broadcast Hire offers an all-encompassing solution in the field of broadcasting. Besides broadcasting, they explore consulting and professional services industries.


One MSL is a training consulting firm that facilitates the onboarding process and scientific engagements for biotech to pharma enterprises. They are primarily in the consulting, healthcare, and training industry.

Adsen Moore

Adsen Moore provides a range of financial services such as wealth management, investments and pension strategies, currency exchange, ROP, and taxes. They specialise in consulting, financial services, retirement, and wealth management.

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Amarti is an IT firm delivering engineering, operations, cloud management, and other solutions. They effectively use cloud computing, enterprise software, and information technology in their consulting services.

Tara Biologics

Tara Biologics discovers, develops, manufactures, and delivers biotherapeutics. They operate within the biotechnology, consulting, manufacturing, and therapeutics industries.

Little Square Capital

Little Square Capital, founded by Johan Rode and Kalinka Andjelopolj, is a financial firm offering investor access, corporate broking, corporate finance, and equity research services. Their website can be found here.


A EU Data & Analytics Consultancy run by quant-trained consultants, Matrice provides analytics consulting services to various clients.


Blockture is a web3 studio that specializes in managing NFT projects on behalf of established and notable artists. They immerse themselves within the blockchain, consulting, content, project management, publishing, and software industries.

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