Who are the Most Pioneering UK Architecture Startups in 2023?

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In the diverse and ever-evolving UK startup scene, one sector that continually garners attention and brings innovative change is Architecture. This article introduces and discusses fifteen inspiring architecture startups and companies from the United Kingdom that have dared to defy convention and inspire change through their groundbreaking design concepts and advanced technology products and solutions.

The Architecture industry has managed to push beyond the confines of traditional design, employing advanced technological solutions to make buildings more efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. Startups that are taking the industry to new heights by reimagining architecture in the age of evolving technology are emerging across the United Kingdom. These companies are creating remarkable 3D models, innovative robots to automate the construction process, and designing eco-friendly homes for urban dwellers. These advancements and innovations make these startups noteworthy and outstanding in their unique ways.

In this article, we will delve into the profiles of these startups, featuring the breadth of their services, solutions, and the primary movers behind these exciting ventures.


Born to revolutionise Architecture and Furniture industry, IIVO is a design and tech company innovating and building ground-breaking products and solutions.


Specialising in 3D technology and Architecture, AccuCities creates detailed 3D London & City Models for Planning, Architecture, CGI, VR, Games, and 3D Printing. Founders are Michal Konicek and Sandor Petroczi.

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Xcavate Robotics

Xcavate Robotics designs solutions to automate the construction process and reduce project duration, costs, and emissions. One of the founders is Senake Atureliya.

PTG Architectural Technology

PTG Architectural Technology is distinct in its approach to 3D Technology and Architecture, offering cutting-edge designs and solutions.


Skyroom recognises the need for affordable, eco-friendly homes for urban dwellers and is dedicated to providing exactly that. Their innovative designs supersede conventional architecture.


Founded by Tom Haxworth, JT3 is an Interior designing company that provides designing and building services for commercial interior projects. Their designs embody aesthetics and functionality.

DRC Consulting

Fill a crucial gap in the industry, DRC Consulting delivers safety and project management services across all construction sectors.

Stickland Wright architecture + interiors

Stickland Wright is a creative Architecture & interiors practice agency located in Brighton. They focus on their clients’s original concepts and bring them to life.


Operating in the architecture and automotive sector, Metasonics is changing the way sound is used and interacted with. The company was founded by Mihai Caleap and Sriram Subramanian.

Class Q

Class Q is a real estate firm that provides residential property development services. Their approach to architecture is innovative and suits the modern dweller.

B.E.L Group

B.E.L Group is a construction company providing architectural design and planning consultation services. Their designs combine advanced technology with aesthetic appeal.


Architect7, an Architectural Company based in London, stands out for its exceptional designs and innovative use of space.


Modulous redefines the design and delivery of affordable, sustainable, and smart homes by leveraging disruptive digital technologies. The company was founded by Chris Bone, Chris Mortensen, and Markus Cosmann.

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Fletcher Day Cummins

Fletcher Day Cummins is known for its architectural and surveying services. The company’s designs seamlessly blend functionality with style.

AGORA architecture + design

A chartered architect’s practice based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This firm stands out with its creative and purpose-driven designs in Architecture, Commercial, Interior Design, and Residential projects.

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