Who are the Pioneering UK Solar Startups Shaping the Energy Sector?

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There is currently an uproar in the global energy sector, as companies and nations strive towards cleaner, renewable, and more efficient energy sources. Within this climate, solar energy startups in the United Kingdom are proving to be surprisingly innovative and deeply impressive. This article intends to introduce and explore 15 intriguing solar startups, each different but significant in its contribution to the broader renewable energy scenario in the UK.

These startups, while aligned in their commitment to renewable energy, represent a myriad of industry overlaps, from energy and solar to information technology, cleantech, and more. They demonstrate the possibilities of cross-genre innovation and set an optimistic tone for the future of renewable energy within the UK and beyond.

Whether you’re an investor, a consumer, or simply someone interested in renewable energy, take a moment to explore these 15 UK solar startups that promise new, renewable, and exciting paths to power the future.


GridServe was co-founded by Toddington Harper and is known for providing renewable energy for critical power infrastructure applications. Positioned interestingly in the intersection of Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries, GridServe has carved its unique place in the startup ecosystem.


Zarou is a reputed name in the energy sector with a sprawling profile that includes power and renewable energy, oil & gas midstream, water, and relevant projects.

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High Star Energy

High Star Energy offers solar thermal, ground source heat pumps, and battery storage services. Specially dedicated to renewable energy and solar sectors, High Star Energy gives a remarkable new dimension to energy services.


REST is known for offering solar PV panels, ASHP, and other heating solutions. Their services within the energy, renewable energy, and solar sectors make them a trusted name in the UK solar landscape.

Cognitive Business

Cognitive Business, established by Christopher Fraser, Thomas Humphries, and Ty Burridge-Oakland, uses artificial intelligence to help the industrial world learn from its data. Their operations span across various sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Biomass Energy, Consulting, Industrial Engineering, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Software, Solar, and Wind Energy, thus elaborating their versatile offerings.


LiveEco aims at providing renewable energy and renewable heat for homes and businesses in Scotland, situating it ideally in the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar Industries.


SolarisKit is a cleantech startup established by Faisal Ghani. Known as the brains behind the world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector, SolarisKit stands as a progressive name in the energy and solar sector.


TRAILAR offers best-in-class solar transport technologies along with transportation support services, making it a noteworthy player within the solar and transportation industries.

Open Climate Fix

Open Climate Fix was conceived with a revolutionary mission by Damien Tanner, Dan Travers, and Flo Wirtz. It’s dedicated to using computers, primarily within the Information Technology, Internet, Renewable Energy, Software, Solar, and Wind Energy sectors, to tackle climate change.

Global CleanTech Summit

Global CleanTech Summit is Ross Kingsland’s brainchild dealing in the diverse and interconnected domains of events and information. This startup, with its wide-range service offerings, finds its place in an array of industries like Clean Energy, CleanTech, Electric Vehicle, Electrical Distribution, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Smart Cities, and Solar.

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PF Nexus

PF Nexus, co-founded by Mike Smales and Scott Gillam, is a renewable energy & infrastructure deal origination platform. It domains range across Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy Storage, Funding Platform, Impact Investing, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Solar, Sustainability, and Wind Energy.

Absolar Solutions

Absolar Solutions was co-founded by Nic Cory and Phil Wu and stands out with its solutions for carbon reduction intelligence in the built environment. This startup gains relevance in CleanTech, GreenTech, Software, and Solar industries.


VH GSEO is a closed-ended investment company offering direct exposure to a diversified portfolio of energy infrastructure investments. They show significant operation within the Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar, and Venture Capital industries.

Footprint Zero

Footprint Zero, co-founded by Julian Pertwee and Rupert Harrow, is a sustainability-focused consultancy offering EV charging equipment, solar panels, and solar carports. The start-up operates in the GreenTech, Renewable Energy, Solar, and Sustainability industries.

EV Smart

EV Smart, founded by Neil Bowater, prides itself on its unique offerings in the Electric Vehicle, Information Technology, and Solar sectors with its robust electric car charging and charge point management infrastructure.

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