Who are the Top Disruptive Health Insurance Startups in the UK?

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The United Kingdom is a hotbed for impressive health insurance startups and companies. With a focus on combining the industries of health, wellness, and technology, these startups are revolutionizing the way we approach our health and well-being. In this piece, we will shed some light on 15 of the most promising health insurance startups in the UK, from virtual psychology clinics to innovative insurance advisory firms, ready to reshape the healthcare landscape.

These startups have been selected for their innovative approach to healthcare and insurance, their commitment to enhancing customer experience, and their potential for growth. The insurance industry, especially health insurance, is ripe for disruption, and these startups are at the forefront of these changes. They have identified gaps in the market and have developed unique solutions to meet consumers’ needs, all while navigating an industry ripe with regulation and complexity.

Their diverse solutions range from AI-driven insurance claims processing, financial products related to integrated health and well-being, to health solutions personalised for gynaecological needs across different life-stages. Here are some amazing health insurance startups that are not only disrupting, but also driving forward the UK healthtech industry.

My Online Therapy

My Online Therapy, pioneered by Drs. Elena Touroni and Tom Pennybacker, as well as Elettra Bianchi Dennerlein, is a virtual psychology clinic. This breakthrough in remote mental health treatment shows the true potential of telemedicine in today’s digital world.

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Embrace Financial Services

Embrace Financial Services specialises in offering expert advice on mortgages and insurance services. By facilitating access to necessary information and services, it redefines how we approach insurance advisory.

Mithras Underwriting

Mithras Underwriting offers an extensive range of insurance services from health and life to property, fine art, and even group insurance. The firm’s broad insurance coverages demonstrate its commitment to cater to the diverse needs of its clients.

HCB Solutions

Co-founded by Janice Karwacki, HCB Solutions provides comprehensive health, life, and travel insurance services, furthering the advancement of holistic protective solutions for consumers.

Simply Cover

Simply Cover is an insurance agency offering services in customer service, health insurance and life insurance. It’s a one-stop service for those seeking comprehensive insurance coverage.


iam|INSURED offers a host of insurance and financial solutions including income protection, critical medical cover, and more, making a positive mark in the field of insurance.

Just Advice Solutions

Offering financial products related to insurance and integrated health, Just Advice Solutions is working towards comprehensive financial protection for its clientele.

Forces Solutions

Forces Solutions provides specialised motor, travel, health, and life insurance services for HM forces, demonstrating how niche markets can be catered effectively with tailored solutions.


Founded by Ale Brooks and Alex Devoto, Lvlfi.com is an insurtech that uses gamification and behavioural economics to enhance customer engagement and wellness within the insurance industry.


Co-founded by Raphael Guth, Sprout.ai is pushing boundaries and revolutionising the insurance experience using AI advanced automation for seamless insurance claims processing.

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CharityBee assists 3rd sector organisations in identifying the best products and services for their needs, leveraging business development and insurance services to do so.

Syrona Health

Co-founders Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell have created Syrona Health as a digital health solution specialising in personalised gynaecology across different life stages.

Brunel Employee Benefits

Brunel Employee Benefits serves companies by providing broking, dental insurance, health insurance, and comprehensive employee benefit services.

Hooray Health & Protection

Co-founded by Charlie Cousins, Hooray Health & Protection is an award-winning health and protection company helping SMEs and startups navigate the complex world of employee benefits.


Created by David Duckworth and Sebastian Fallert, Ben benefits those everywhere through their multi-functional buffers including healthcare, human resources, payments, and more. Ben strives to make benefits work for everyone, everywhere.

The field of health insurance is diverse, and the UK is at the forefront of this change with these innovative health insurance startups. Each brings something unique to the table, adding their own flavor to the industry and contributing to an altogether healthier United Kingdom.

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