Who Are the Top Game-Changers in UK’s Mobile Apps Startups?

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From mobile apps that cater to the beauty industry, to platforms that focus on data aggregation, the United Kingdom’s mobile app startup scene is diverse and innovative. Each startup brings a fresh concept and unique solutions to various industry needs. Here are 15 interesting mobile applications startups and companies from the United Kingdom.

Evercloud – This startup serves as a business app discovery platform, bringing together the best apps and tools for startups and SMEs. Evercloud, founded by unknown entrepreneurs, is the right blend of functionality and innovation in the Apps, iOS and Mobile Apps industry. For more, visit Evercloud.


Founded by Balal Raja and Jamal Khan, Datahoard aims to play a significant role in the B2B, Big Data, Cloud Data Services, Data Storage, Developer APIs, Digital Marketing, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, and SaaS industry. The platform helps you monetize your data and gives you a chance to control your digital footprint by letting you earn money by sharing your data with vetted companies. Visit their website at Datahoard.

Bespoke You

A revolution in the beauty shopping experience is here with Bespoke You. This booming tech platform aims to transform the way people shop for beauty and plays an active role in the Apps, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Retail industries. Visit Bespoke You to unlock a new beauty shopping experience.

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Alpacr is changing the game in the Mobile Apps, Social Network, Tourism, and Travel industry by providing a social network for sharing and discovering travel and adventure. The startup, founded by Dan Swygart, Mark Morgan, and Roger Thomas, provides a platform for passionate travelers and adventurers. Take a look at their offerings on Alpacr.


Jacob Corlett’s Shift is delivering change in the Artificial Intelligence, Delivery, Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, and Software industry as an on-demand technology platform focusing on the logistics market. Their innovative offerings can be viewed on Shift.


Fintify provides a cross-border 360-degree personal finance computing and monitoring platform for the Finance, Financial Services, Mobile Apps, and Personal Finance industries. They provide an updated view of your assets and liabilities. Take a look at their solutions at Fintify.

Get Groomed

Check out the next step in male grooming and beauty treatments at Get Groomed. Specializing in the Beauty, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Wellness markets, this startup brings a new blend of tech and beauty to the table. Visit Get Groomed for more.

Code and Create

On the forefront of web design, mobile applications, and e-commerce services, Code and Create is a notable player in the E-Commerce, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Web Design and Web Development spaces. More about their tailored services can be found at Code and Create.


Pictium is all set to revolutionize the way sports fans, teams, clubs, and corporations communicate and experience sports. The startup’s augmented reality content even involves photography, video and virtual reality, catering to fans’ overall experience. Check out their unique offer at Pictium.

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Pocket Sized Hands

Specializing in creating bespoke apps and games using XR technologies, Pocket Sized Hands is a standout in the Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, Online Games, Software, Software Engineering, Video Games, and Virtual Reality scene. The startup was founded by Alan Yeats, Gary McCartan, and Rory Thomson. Visit Pocket Sized Hands for more.


Yojji brings custom software development to the Web, mobile and other areas of the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Product Design, Project Management, Software, Web Apps, Web Design and Web Development market. This startup is the brainchild of Ildar Kulmuhametov, Timofey Lebedev, and Yevhen Piotrovskyi. Find out more at Yojji.

Lunar Works

Lunar Works specializes in digital design and development. They create high-performance websites, apps, and PWAs for both businesses and startups, founded by Alex Huntly and Liam Thorpe-Young. Visit Lunar Works to learn more about their offerings.


Labstep captures real-time scientific process data, providing an internally shareable timeline of a lab’s activity. Launched by Jake Schofield, Jan Domanski, and Sven Kirkerup, it’s making waves in the Analytics, Collaboration, Computer, Mobile Apps, and Software industries. More on their platform and services can be found at Labstep.


BullBear is a software platform that provides trading and investment solutions to promote business growth for organizations. Operating in the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software sectors, their offerings can be viewed at BullBear.

UrbanPan Ltd

Bringing a novel concept to the App, Food and Beverage, Mobile Apps industries, UrbanPan Ltd is a food app connecting people with food providers, founded by Vinay Tandon. Learn more about their solution at UrbanPan Ltd.

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Each startup represents a step forward in their industry, demonstrating the innovative and creative force that is the UK’s mobile app sector. From making scientific data handling more accessible, to using XR technology in game development, these startups are something to keep an eye on as they continue to grow and redefine their industries.

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