Who Are The Top Influential UK Food Delivery Startups in 2023?

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From the coast to the capital, food delivery startups in the United Kingdom are disrupting dining by connecting consumers with local and international cuisine at the touch of a button. Whether you crave fresh seafood or Middle Eastern delights, grocery shopping or a pre-portioned meal kit, these innovative companies are dishing up fresh and exciting solutions. Here are 15 food delivery startups, including Pesky Fish, Khubz Arabi, and Taster, whose innovation and ambition are revolutionising the UK’s food-scene.

Despite the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, these food delivery startups have not only survived but indeed thrived thanks to their adaptability and customer-centric services. Their stories are a testament to the resilience and creativity of the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the diverse world of the United Kingdom’s food delivery scene and discover some of the most promising startups on the horizon.

Pesky Fish

An innovative startup aiming to rebuild the global seafood supply chain, Pesky Fish uses tech-enabled transparency to offer customers fresh, sustainable seafood. Founded by Aiden Berry and Ben King, this startup is revolutionising the seafood industry in the UK.

Khubz Arabi

Offering Middle Eastern cuisine, Khubz Arabi is a food delivery startup founded by Rafat Mahmoud. Its services allow UK customers to enjoy authentic Middle Eastern dishes from the comfort of their homes.

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Founded by Ghulam Mallah, NokarOnline’s GroceriNow provides on-demand grocery delivery from local stores to customers in as little as one hour. This innovative service is modernising the way the UK shops for groceries.


Operating dozens of restaurants that only exist on food delivery platforms, Taster is pushing the boundaries of the traditional restaurant model. Founded by Anton Soulier, the company has brought a new kind of dining experience to the UK.

Top Taste

Another innovative food delivery platform in the UK is Top Taste. They offer a wide variety of delicious food at affordable prices, providing the convenience of a takeaway with the quality of a restaurant meal.

Collectiv Food

Collectiv Food, founded by Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi, is an automated, sustainable food supply chain that offers businesses transparency and lower ingredient costs. Technology meets culinary transparency in this forward-thinking startup.

Karma Kitchen

Karma Kitchen provides shared and private kitchen spaces for businesses. Founded by Francesca Newton and Georgina Newton, Karma Kitchen offers businesses access to the infrastructure they need to grow and scale their operations.

The Cookaway

With The Cookaway, customers have access to world cuisines through expertly curated recipe boxes. This startup, founded by Nidhi Verma, offers a unique, immersive cooking experience and delivers all the necessary ingredients straight to your door.


The FoodStyles app connects customers with restaurants offering dishes that align with their dietary preferences, lifestyles, and cravings. This innovative software is changing the way people discover new cuisines and restaurants.

Jelly Drops

Jelly Drops is a unique proposition in the food delivery sector. The company’s water sweets help individuals manage their daily water intake, providing a fun and healthy way to stay hydrated.

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Avara Foods

As a major supplier of food in the UK, Avara Foods provides a range of fresh, quality products, playing a key role in the food delivery industry.


FeastBox is a service that delivers cooking ingredients along with step-by-step recipies for cooking up a feast at home. It’s an experience that combines the convenience of delivery and the joy of cooking.

Love Yourself Meals

Offering calorie-controlled, nutritious meals, Love Yourself Meals provides delicious food delivery options that align perfectly with a health-conscious lifestyle. From weight loss to muscle gain, Love Yourself Meals has a menu for everyone.

Cornwall Hamper Store

A gourmet food delivery service, the Cornwall Hamper Store delivers luxury food and beverage hampers all over the UK. It is an ideal service for those looking to purchase a gourmet gift or indulge in some local cuisine.


QOOQn is a homemade meal-sharing application where home cooks can sell their meals to buyers. It offers a convenient and delicious alternative to traditional food delivery services by nurturing a food community within the application.

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