Who are the Top Influential Video Advertising Startups in UK?

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In the rapidly evolving world of digital advertising, United Kingdom has become a hub for innovative start-ups. From mobile ads to social media marketing, these video advertising startups are revolutionizing the industry and setting new trends. This article showcases some of the most exciting players in the UK’s video advertising startup scene. They are not just meeting the industry’s current needs, but are also shaping its future.

These firms provide a variety of services, including programmatic video advertising, creative design, online video production, and digital marketing. Each one has developed a unique approach to video advertising that distinguishes it from its competitors. This makes them worthwhile subjects for any discussion on UK’s dynamic advertising sector.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the unique worlds of these promising startups that are creating ripples in the video advertising industry.


Vironic is leading the way in programmatic video advertising. It puts mobile apps, TV, and video advertising at the fore of its service offerings. This company, founded by Dean Carni and Dima Os, is remarkable in its commitment to innovation in the video advertising sector.

Wittenhearst Alexzander

The another one is Wittenhearst Alexzander, a purveyor of beautiful visuals and captivating narratives across various platforms. The startup, founded by Stephen-Francis Wittenhearst-Alexzander, provides services that go beyond video advertising, including graphic design, market research, and photography.

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If you’re looking for an online video maker, vidbuild is worth checking out. This startup, founded by Steven Lloyd-Barlow, allows anyone to create professional videos within minutes. Its services also include digital marketing and social media advertising.


Connect with content creators in an engaging and lucrative way through Fluuid. This brand, specializing in advertising, brand marketing, broadcasting, and digital media, sets a new standard for the digital advertising landscape.

Fierce Digital

Digital Marketing agency Fierce Digital specializes in the technology sector. Its founders, Patrick Byrne and Robert Copeland, offer solutions encompassing content marketing, digital marketing, and more.

Bankhouse Media

Bankhouse Media is a digital agency that provides comprehensive services from website and graphic design to lead generation, video production, and branding.


Agenda.video provides marketing videos for internet and social media. Founded by Mikhail Gerchuk, this startup is all about optimizing social media presence through high-quality video content.

Here Now Films

Here Now Films is a video production company specialising in creating captivating film content. Founded by Ed Smit, this firm combines animation, film production and video advertising to great effect.

Loom of ideas LTD

Loom of ideas LTD is an advertising agency offering brand marketing, film production, and video advertising. Founded by Lucia Desperati, this startup is redefining how businesses brand themselves.


Harris&wilde is a video production company that specialises in creating videos for technology brands and startups. Founded by Jake Harris, this firm brings animation and video advertising together to create compelling content.

One Day Agency

One Day Agency is an advertising and marketing agency providing a range of services from brand marketing, digital marketing, to lead generation and video advertising. Founded by Ricardo Seixas, this startup bridges the gap between tradition and digital advertising.

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7TH MINUTE offers a freemium, SaaS TV contextual data & insights platform. Founded by Ed French, this startup combines traditional TV broadcasting with digital media to provide a unique advertising solution.

Pull the Pin

Pull the Pin provides clients with HubSpot management, PPC, and SEO services, excellently combining content creation and video advertising.


Pathway is a Manchester-based studio focused on real-time produced media with LED volumes. Its state-of-art facility is dedicated to the creation of high-quality content in the realm of film production, video, video advertising, and even virtual reality.


RECRD is a video platform that offers a twist: here, content creators can immediately earn up to 100% ad revenue, while users can engage with content through video responses. Founded by Anoir Houmou, Dominic Frazer-Imregh, and Widad Sbai, RECRD offers an exciting new way to interact with video content.

In conclusion, these startups truly represent the diversity and dynamism of the UK’s video advertising sector. From creative agencies to video platforms, these companies mobilise the power of video to create lasting impact on their clients’ target audiences. It will be exciting to see how these startups evolve in the future and continue to reshape the industry.

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