Who Are the Trailblazing UK Machinery Manufacturing Startups of 2023?

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The manufacturing industry has always been the backbone of the UK’s economy and the backbone to its burgeoning startup scene is no exception. The rise of machinery manufacturing in the UK has seen the development of industrial mechanical engineering, innovative 3D Printing and even breakthroughs within the medical device field. Join us as we showcase a handful of talented and ambitious UK startups pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the machinery manufacturing industry.

The chosen startups not only contribute to their local economies but also maintain a high standard in terms of producing quality products and innovative solutions. The following 15 selected startups and companies demonstrate diversity within the industry, showcasing products and services that do not just fall under the generic “machinery manufacturing”, but extend into marine technology, product design, medical devices and more.

Each one of these startups has their unique selling point, their unique story and their innovative approach. In this article, we will introduce each startup, providing a short description of their work, the industry they belong to and a link to their website.

SMi Drug Discovery

SMi Drug Discovery is a breakthrough in the detection of disease diagnostics device industry. The combination of machinery manufacturing and medical device technology exhibits the potential for great strides towards innovative healthcare solutions.

Rad Propulsion

Bringing an eco-friendly twist to marine technology is Rad Propulsion. Their electric marine propulsion products are pushing the boundaries of traditional marine transport.

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CSM Sheet Metal

CSM Sheet Metal is the go-to option for the precision, sheet metal fabricating needs across different industries. Their work reflects the finest in the Industrial, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Product Design sectors.


IVDeology stands out amongst others in the machinery manufacturing industry through their expert solutions for in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

McMenon Engineering Services

The focus of McMenon Engineering Services lies in the precise manufacturing of flow and temperature measurement instrumentation, marking their place in the high-stakes world of Industrial Engineering and Machinery Manufacturing.


Velocetec holds a trusted name in the market for their toolmaking and manufacturing services for precision-cut and fully-finished parts, prototypes, and tools.

Plastic Investments

Having a specialized focus in plastic production machinery and support plant, Plastic Investments has made its mark in the Industrial and Machinery Manufacturing industry.

Outreach Offshore

Outreach Offshore brings to the table hydraulic handling, lifting, and access equipment alongside inspections, maintenance, and crane parts services.


Enviroflex owns a reputation for their wide range of peristaltic pump, hose, and lubricants available to the Industrial Manufacturing, and Machinery Manufacturing sectors.

Wayland Additive

Located in West-Yorkshire, Wayland Additive is revolutionising the 3D Printing realm by pushing the boundaries of electron beam 3D printing.


TextureJet has created a major breakthrough in the market with their machine tools and technologies designed for advanced surface processing.


Garda-Tech has bagged a place in the market with their expertise in the appliances, electrical, and electronics manufacturing.

Horizon Agriculture

Delivering top-notch no-till, strip-till, drills, planters, and strip-tillage machines, Horizon Agriculture has revolutionised the agricultural industry.

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Hunt Forest Group

Providing leading-edge solutions, Hunt Forest Group delivers both new and used agriculture, professional turf, and construction machinery and offers extensive repair and parts services.


Rounding up our list, WashCo offers outstanding solutions in the design planning, specification, installation, lifecycle maintenance, and sales support services for industrial laundry equipment.

These companies, with their innovative approaches and dedication to their craft, are driving the future of the machinery manufacturing industry in the UK, proving that the sector is alive, well and thriving. Stay tuned with us as we continue to spotlight key players in various industries across the UK startup scene.

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