Who are UK’s Leading Innovators in the 2023 Construction Industry?

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Construction startups in the United Kingdom are rapidly transforming the industry by adopting innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and cloud-based solutions. These startups aren’t just improving operational efficiency but are also crucial in reducing costs, errors, and construction time. From AI-driven quality control systems to AR solutions for precise construction, there’s a wide spectrum of innovative startups boosting the UK’s construction landscape. Let’s delve into these exciting startups revolutionizing the construction sector.

Here are 15 thriving construction startups offering cutting-edge solutions:


Mindtrace is a startup using bleeding-edge artificial intelligence to automate quality, safety, and production systems across multiple industries, including construction. Co-founded by Kamelia Dimova and Michael Denham, Mindtrace’s AI technology is setting new standards in industrial operations by optimizing efficiency and precision.

XYZ Reality

XYZ Reality has disrupted the construction industry with a unique augmented reality solution that can reduce project costs by up to 20%. Co-founders David Mitchell, Murray Hendriksen, and Umar Ahmed are leveraging AR to enhance construction accuracy and productivity.

Rose System Scaffolding

Rose System Scaffolding is a construction company that has invested heavily in Layher Allround, known for its exceptional versatility and safety in scaffolding systems.


Co-founded by Dr David Selviah and Roger Maran, Correvate was formed to commercialise point cloud processing technology (Vercator) developed at UCL. Their process enables efficient data capture, leading to new levels of precision in the construction industry.

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The Pavement Light Company

The Pavement Light Company, founded by Justin Crooks, specialises in the provision of pavement lights designed to illuminate subterraneous spaces such as basements and tunnels.


Weaver.build is a mobile app that matches main contractors with vetted residential projects. Founded by Dan Hardiker, Edward Robertshaw, and Gregory Keane, Weaver ensures seamless collaboration and project execution in the construction sphere.

Project Control Tools

Project Control Tools (PCT) offers SaaS solutions for the rail and construction industries, enhancing efficiency and maximising margins through user-focused applications.

Trade Mastermind

Co-founded by Joseph Valente, Trade Mastermind is a leading training provider for trades and construction businesses in the UK, aimed at helping owners scale their operations.

Xcavate Robotics

Senake Atureliya founded Xcavate Robotics to offer OEM/retrofit and automation solutions to reduce project time, cost, and emissions, and enhance subterranean space creation.

Peterborough Improvements

Founded by Shaun Featherstone, Peterborough Improvements specialises in block paving, resin bound surfacing, fencing and metal fabrication work.


Suppeco led by Sheldon Mydat, is a cloud-native SaaS platform that utilises customer-supplier relations to drive adaptability and resilience across industries, including construction.

Paperless Construction

Paperless Construction offers an innovative mobile application for construction teams to manage their HSE records digitally, redefining document management practices in construction.


Skrap‘s B2B marketplace platform, co-founded by Ahmed Rao, Hussain Hilli, and Marwan Field, helps manage construction waste, bulky materials, and equipment hire.


The duo of Daniel Norman and Jonathan Raoult founded Aprao, a B2B SaaS company developing ground-breaking software for the real estate industry, enhancing efficiency across real estate projects.

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nPlan, co-founded by Alan Mosca and Dev Amratia, uses artificial intelligence to provide schedule certainty for projects. The platform highlights risks and suggests optimal execution paths for construction projects.

These startups are bearing the torch for digital transformation in the UK’s construction sector. By adopting innovative technologies, these businesses are paving the way for a new era of construction efficiency, precision and cost-effectiveness.

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