Who Are UK’s Most Influential GreenTech Startups Shaping Future Sustainability?

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The United Kingdom is fast becoming a prominent player in the growing sector of green technology. There are numerous startups and established companies using major advancements in technology to create environmentally friendly innovations. From renewable energy and water treatment to smart high streets and sustainability programs, we explore some of UK’s most exciting and groundbreaking GreenTech companies of this generation.

These startups have been successful in merging technology and environmental responsibility by providing products and services that are not only efficient and cost-effective, but also contribute to environmental sustainability. We’ve carefully selected these startups based on their ingenuity, business model, and the potential impact they might have in shaping a greener future.

These startups and companies are not just transforming multiple sectors with their innovations, they are at the forefront of a race towards a more sustainable world. Without a shred of doubt, they deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated. So, let’s delve into what these impressive GreenTech startups are all about:

Grabbit – The Social Delivery

Founded by Alex Schroffenegger and Philip Roell, Grabbit is a novel app that aims to redefine the way we approach everyday tasks. It matches people who need everyday items with individuals who can grab these items for them, instilling efficiency and ease in day-to-day tasks, while reducing unnecessary travel bound for a single item.


UrbanChain, founded by Mo Hajhashem and Somayeh Taheri, merges blockchain, AI and renewable technology for improved energy management. By offering solutions for peer-to-peer exchange systems, local energy markets, and virtual power plants, it’s disrupting the energy sector every day.

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Onto, envisioned and brought into existence by Dannan O’Meachair and Rob Jolly, is an electric vehicle subscription service that makes driving an electric car hassle-free. They are playing an active part in promoting the use of electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions.

Urban Electric Networks

With Keith Johnston and Olivier Freeling-Wilkinson at the helm, Urban Electric Networks is setting up low impact charging infrastructure in cities and towns across the world to accommodate the increasing adoption of electric vehicles.


Founded by Douglas Johnson-Poensgen and Veera Johnson, Circulor is a GreenTech company offering supply chain solutions for manufacturers using blockchain technology. Its traceability-as-a-service further empowers manufacturers to adhere to sustainable practices.

Green Street

Green Street is a non-profit organisation that uses Green technology to develop greener British high streets and generate prosperity.

Stortec Engineering

Specialising in total biogas, Stortec Engineering offers extensive water engineering solutions from the concept stage to finish.


Daniel Barry, Joff Hamilton-Dick and Steffen Buschbacher have created SparkChange, an innovative platform providing specialist carbon data for ESG investment products, risk management and financial reporting.


Founders Catherine White and Michael Brown have developed Fundzzle as a robust platform for eco-friendly invitations, group gifts and charity fundraising.


Emitwise, founded by Benjamin Peddie, Eduardo Gómez, and Mauro Cozzi, is a carbon management platform that excellently integrates AI for tracking and managing the carbon footprints of businesses.

Net Purpose

Built by Ashby Monk, Dinah A. Koehler, and Samantha Duncan, Net Purpose makes impact measurement easy for investors who focus on both profit and purpose.

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ALVATECH, with Zac Gazit at its helm, develops practical water treatment solutions and technology for productive farming.


EcoSpot, founded by Maya Lingam, empowers communities to take climate action by engaging young people, staff, and parents to adopt sustainable living practices.


Treeapp is a remarkable mobile application that enables anyone to plant a tree every day for free in less than one minute. Founders Godefroy Harito, Jules Buker and Leo King Leong Ng are shaping the future of sustainable living through this venture.


Arwa Shumary is the brain behind Sustainary, an online platform focused on sustainable construction. It demonstrates how technology merged with sustainability principles can transform even the construction sector.

These startups represent promising developments in the evolving landscape of GreenTech across the United Kingdom. By putting technology to good use, these entrepreneurs are at the forefront of sustainable growth and innovation.

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