Who Are UK’s Pioneering Startups Revolutionising the Logistics Industry in 2023?

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Welcome to our showcase of innovative and disruptive logistics startups made in the UK. Emerging from an industry as traditional as transportation and logistics, these startups create surprising and interesting offerings that revolutionize the logistics industry in the United Kingdom. From digital freight services to on-demand technology platforms, these companies are changing the landscape of logistics one start-up at a time.

From freight forwarding to vehicle repair and valet services, these startups are diverse and cater to a wide audience. Their innovative approaches not only help change how businesses operate but are also helping to shape the future of the logistics industry. With a mix of established companies and emerging challengers, it’s clear the UK’s logistics sector is undergoing an exciting transformation.

In this article, we have a curated list of 15 interesting logistics startups and companies. For each company, we outline its industry focus, founders, and brief description of its operations. All are shaping innovation and offering solutions in their respective areas within the logistics industry.


Zencargo is simplifying global trade by providing digital freight services for businesses to thrive. Founded by Alex Hersham, Jan Riethmayer, and Richard Fattal, the company operates within Freight Service, Logistics, SaaS, Shipping, and Supply Chain Management industries.


Transcount provides freight forwarding digitalization software enabling logistics companies to transform into digital freight forwarding service providers. Founders are Dovy Senas and Dovydas Riasnojus. The company is positioned in B2B, CRM, Document Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation industries.

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Shift is a platform for consumers and businesses focusing on the logistics market. Jacob Corlett is one of the founders and the company specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Delivery, Internet, Logistics, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, and Software.


bidMAZE provides an auction platform for used and unwanted items. The company operates under the Automotive, E-Commerce, Internet, and Logistics sectors.


BULLIT offers on-demand iPhone repair services with a focus on convenience. BULLIT operates within the Android, iOS, Logistics, Mobile, and Mobile Apps industries.

Top Deals 4 Wheels

Top Deals 4 Wheels is an Online Car Buying Service. Founded by Craig Nelson, the company operates within the Automotive, E-Commerce, Internet, and Logistics sectors.


HYPR provides luxury transport service through their members-based app. They cater to the Hospitality and Logistics sector.


Carryr, founded by Chris Jordan and Mike Zhang, offers a next-gen delivery experience for e-commerce brands, with a clean and immediate 90-minute delivery or schedule for later. The company’s industry focus lies in Developer APIs, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Fashion, Logistics, Retail Technology, and Shopping.

LMM Minibuses

LMM Minibuses provides 24X7 Minibus Hire in London with driver & Airport transfer services. They cater to the Logistics, Transportation, and Travel sectors.

Vanuse Ltd

Vanuse Ltd is an on-demand platform offering a service similar to Uber, but for vans. It operates within the Apps, Delivery, Delivery Service, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Transportation sectors.

LivingPackets UK

LivingPackets UK, founded by Baptiste Lambert, Denis Mourrain, and Fabian Kliem, offers smart and same-day international deliveries by combining new technology and crowd-sourced couriers. They are positioned in the Internet and Logistics industries.

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Kiffgo, founded by Bernard Sivert and Simon Birchall, connects people and businesses with available van drivers instantly. The company operates within the Logistics, Mobile Apps, Same Day Delivery, and Transportation sectors.

Raft (FKA Vector.ai)

Raft (FKA Vector.ai), founded by James Coombes and Nisarg Mehta, provides an intelligent Freight Command Center. The company is positioned within the Logistics industry.


Dropless, founded by Christian Duncan and Mike Grindy, offers on-demand Car, Wash, Valet & Servicing. Dropless operates in the Automotive, CleanTech, Internet, iOS, Logistics, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Sustainability, and Water Purification industries.


Cityport has developed an innovative method of protecting goods being transported by lorries from theft. The company operates in the Logistics and Transaction Processing sectors.

In conclusion, the UK logistics sector is maturing, with these 15 startups representing a new generation of tech-forward businesses. With new technology applications and innovative service delivery methods, these startups are revitalizing and expanding the possibilities within the logistics industry.

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