Who Are UK’s Result-Driven Influencers in Risk Management Startups?

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As the startup scene in the United Kingdom continues to flourish, UKT.News identifies 15 rising stars in the domain of Risk Management. These companies have identified the ever-growing need for increasingly comprehensive and technologically advanced methods to manage risk in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. Whether in the areas of cyber security, insurance, finance, shipping, or risk intelligence, these startups are devising innovative solutions for risk prevention and management.

Risk management is an essential process for any organisation, and these startups are offering a range of unique and valuable services. From cyber security solutions and software auditing systems, to the provision of regulatory compliance and financial risk management, these companies offer solutions across a varied range of sectors and industries. With the advent of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, risk management is now more efficient, reliable, and secure than ever before.

The UK has proven to be at the forefront of technological innovation, and these 15 startups are leading the way in the realm of risk management. Let’s delve into their details and examine how they’re changing the game.


Apomatix is an active audit management software provider. Its software undertakes audits, conducts risk assessment, and performs gap analysis. This solution aims to elevate business operations by bringing unparalleled security and efficiency in the Compliance, Cyber Security, and Information Technology sector. The startup was launched by founders Cam Keogh-Ly and Vartan Sarkissian.

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Cyber Covered

Cyber Covered is an online insurance company offering cyber security, data insurance and claim management services. Catering to the growing need for Cyber Security and Risk Management, this startup offers comprehensive solutions for protection against cyber threats.

Regulation Technologies

Regulation Technologies transforms open data into meaningful networks, superimposing client or third-party data to come up with insightful results. This compliance and risk management firm was launched by founders Mark Hudson and Mike Oaten.

ShareAction AODP

ShareAction AODP is a not-for-profit organization providing analysis and risk management solutions, specially created for managing retirement savings. It operates in the analytics, financial services, non-profit sectors and risk management.


Edilora’s software makes expeditions safer and easier to organize and regulate. It primarily focuses on Risk Management, SaaS, and software development and was established by Simon Mayes.

Awen Collective Ltd

Awen Collective Ltd is a software company aimed towards making society safer. Through their innovative efforts, they work towards promoting cyber resilience within critical national infrastructures and manufacturers. The founders of Awen Collective include Andrew Blyth, Daniel Lewis, and Jules Farrow.

Risk Ledger

Risk Ledger provides an innovative vendor risk management platform. Fashioned like a secure social network, it aims to revolutionize how risks are handled within the Cyber Security, Network Security, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management industries. It was founded by Daniel Saul and Haydn Brooks.


Raise provides a new approach to invoice finance and operates within the financial services, fintech, and risk management industry. The startup was launched by Bea Stafford and Tim Bailey.

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Refinitiv is a provider of up-to-date financial markets data and infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions in the financial services industry. David Craig was instrumental in its launch.


CourtQuant is an AI platform offering a unique litigation risk assessment solution for litigation funders. This AI-based startup combines analytics, information technology, and predictive analytics to provide tailored risk management solutions.


HILO MARITIME RISK MANAGEMENT LIMITED works within shipping, an industry that is critical to the global economy. They believe in making this vital industry safer with their risk management solutions.


Zercurity provides a comprehensive suite of security management tools targeted at digital assets, applications, and devices. It works within the Cyber Security, Information Technology, Risk Management, and Network Security industries.


B-Compliant offers services in regulatory risk, compliance, due diligence, and FCA authorization. They operate in the compliance, consulting, legal, and risk management sectors.

RISC Vision

RISC Vision is a cloud-based risk intelligence management solutions provider. It provides a combination of business intelligence, data mining, information technology, risk management, and software services.

Abacus FX

Abacus FX offers a range of services related to risk management and foreign exchange. They work within the financial services, risk management, and transaction processing sectors, among others.

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