Who are UK’s Top Influential Personalisation Startups Redefining Tech in 2023?

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Personalization is at the forefront of technology, it’s a fresh and trend-setting innovation being widely adopted by contemporary startups. It spans over a range of sectors from marketing to entertainment, bringing a customized experience for each individual. With machine learning and Artificial Intelligence working hand-in-hand, personalization into the digital realm in the UK startup scene is rapidly escalating.

For this piece, we’ve compiled a list of intriguing UK startups that have embraced this emerging trend; offering bespoke products and services to match the unique needs and preferences of their customers. These companies, joined by their pursuit of individualised experiences, are transforming diverse industries; proving the scale of personalization’s potential.

Let’s delve deeper into some of these startups, unravelling their contributions and impressive work in providing tailored customer experiences.


RevLifter is a trailblazer in the realm of AI-powered technology provision, assisting brands with revenue growth via real-time personalised offers. This startup operates in the Affiliate Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Personalization, and Retail Technology sectors. Founded by Ryan Kliszat and Simon Bird.


NumberEight harnesses the power of mobile sensor technology to predict user context through on-device AI software. The startup is a big player in Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Gaming, Machine Learning, Media and Entertainment, Mobile Advertising, Personalization, Real Time, Sensor, and Software industries. NumberEight was co-founded by Abhishek Sen and Chris Watts.

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Scribeless infuses personality into marketing for brands. Backed by the innovative minds of Alex Robinson and Robert Van Den Bergh, Scribeless operates in Advertising, Brand Marketing, Direct Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Personalization.


Azonica is a ground-breaking travel and mobility technology company powering a range of travel products and platforms worldwide. It focuses on the Big Data, Personalization, Travel, and Travel Accommodations sectors.

Lifewill Limited

Lifewill Limited founders Lukas Bruell and Tobias Jaeckel have transformed social media into a platform for self-improvement, enjoyment, and happiness. Their unique startup operates within Information Technology, Internet, Personal Development, Personal Health, Personalization, Social Media, and Software sectors.


Founded by Rabik Raja, Fazlaket specializes in on-demand personalized printed goods. This startup operates in the competitive E-Commerce, Fashion, Personalization, and Printing industries.

Beauty Matching Engine

Founded by Nidhima Kohli, Beauty Matching Engine is an AI Award-winning Beauty Prediction & Personalisation Platform which aids beauty companies with the enhancement and personalization of customer journeys. It operates in several industries including Artificial Intelligence, Beauty, Cosmetics, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Personalization, Retail, and Retail Technology.


Rocky was founded by Harry Novic and is a self-improvement app that uses interactive, intelligent, and guided journaling. It operates in the E-Learning, Personal Development, Personalization, and Training industries.

Aflorithmic Labs

Founded by Bjorn Uhss, Peadar Coyle and Timo Kunz; Aflorithmic Labs boasts the world’s most powerful AI-first audio creation infrastructure, operating in Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Machine Learning, Personalization, SaaS, Software, and Speech Recognition sectors.


Superlinked, founded by Ben Gutkovich and Daniel Svonava, is a social infrastructure for the internet. It’s a fresh entrant in Cloud Infrastructure, Developer APIs, Identity Management, Personalization, and Social Network industries.

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Helmed by Rebecca Griffiths, Primis is a post-purchase customer experience platform. The startup operates in the Consumer Reviews, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Logistics, Personalization, Retail Technology, SaaS, Shopping, and Virtual Goods sectors.


MyMovieInsights provide an ‘AI buddy’ to offer personalised movie search and insight. The startup marked its presence in the Artificial Intelligence, Database, Film, Media and Entertainment, Personalization, SaaS, Search Engine, and Video Streaming industries.


Co-founded by Adam Gelencser, STREAM-AI is a personal content moderator, operating in the B2B, Content Discovery, Film, Media and Entertainment, Personalization, Semantic Search, Video Streaming, and Visual Search fields.

Citizen Seven

Citizen Seven uses AI to match travellers and locals based on their personality & interests, enabling meaningful experiences together. It operates within the Adventure Travel, Artificial Intelligence, Business Travel, Personalization, and Travel sectors.

Ping Penguin

Founded by Will Lahr, Ping Penguin specializes in creating fun personalised labels with QR codes to aid in returning lost items. The startup operates in the Information Technology, Personalization, and Printing sectors.

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