Who Leads England’s Most Innovative Creative Agency Startups in 2023?

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The United Kingdom’s creative industry is booming, with a slew of dynamic start-ups making their mark in a broad and evolving range of sectors. From expert influencer advertising to creative media collaborations, and major technological innovation, the England’s entrepreneur scene is buzzing with activity. In this spotlight, we will be showcasing some of England’s most exciting start-up companies in the creative agency industry, diving into their unique offerings, visionary founders, and exploring their escalating impact on the industry.

There is a particular focus on start-ups that leverage new technologies and innovative strategies to bolster growth, drive engagement, and create unique experiences. Creative agency startups are at the forefront of this shift, actively revolutionizing how businesses connect with their customers and how customers perceive brands and products.

Let’s delve deeper and spotlight some of the players leading the creative agency startup revolution in England, UK.


ROKITA GROUP is an amalgamation of companies that focus principally on business support services in the financial sector. It works across various industries including angel investments, AI, big data, creative agency, marketing, and software. The company was founded by Jan Rokita.

Untold Studios

Untold Studios is a unique creative studio that actively develops original programming while also producing music and advertising content. Untold Studios was co-founded by Darren O’Kelly.

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Selbay Anderson

Selbay Anderson Ltd is a creative agency that specializes in helping other agencies succeed by delivering first-rate service and unprecedented flexibility.


THE FIFTH is a professional influencer marketing agency. It tailors precise and efficient influencer campaigns for news, magazine, online or TV companies.


Influencer marketing experts at INFLUENTIALLY focus on content marketing, creative agency, and social media channels. The startup was founded by Nico Cary.


Caliston is a result-driven digital marketing agency. The company, founded by Kostas Alekoglu, specializes in creative agencies, digital marketing, SEO, social media, and web design.

Celebrity Look Book Fashion Agency

Celebrity Look Book Fashion Agency works around an exciting concept that helps you find affordable alternatives to your favourite celebrities’ look. The agency was founded by Roozy Lee.


Action-focused Together was started by Cameron Day. The agency harnesses its full-service capability to help tech companies acquire customers, attract talent, and raise capital.

And Rising

And Rising is a creative ventures firm founded by Jonathan Trimble, Rob Ward, and Adrienne Little. They work on creating and scaling universally admired brands.

ForeMedia Group

ForeMedia Group is an African Global Creative Media, Entertainment, and Technology Company, founded by Hareter B. Oralusi and Otega Owumi.


Oysbee, founded by Jung Kyung Cheon, is an online creative collaboration network for independent creators and brands.

Stellar Global

Stellar Global is a retail agency that provides branding, innovative product design, data analytics, and virtual merchandising services. The agency was founded by Emma Ede.

krow group

krow group, a creative agency known for its work in the IT industry, was founded by John Quarrey.

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Firebird Pictures

Firebird Pictures works with writing and directing creatives in the media and entertainment industry.

Changing Digital

Changing Digital is a digital platform innovation agency.

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