Who Leads UK’s Dynamic Knowledge Management Companies in 2023?

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Welcome to UKT.news, your number one source for all the buzz in the world of startups. Today, we will focus our attention on the exciting Knowledge Management sector in the United Kingdom. Knowledge Management (KM), the process by which valuable information is systematically captured, stored, and used by organizations, is increasingly becoming a central pillar to many organizations’ operational strategy. And like in many other sectors, startups are leading the disruptive and innovative forces that are shaping the future of KM. Here are 15 interesting startups from the UK helping to redefine the landscape of Knowledge Management.


Arbolus is a networking platform where technology and advisory relationships meet. Founders Sam Glasswell and Will Leeming concocted a potent blend of Information Technology and Knowledge Management that has attracted a large following. The platform continues to redefine how organizations engage, maintain, and leverage their advisory relationships.


Co-founder Tim El-Sheikh is at the helm of Mindzilla, a startup that offers valuable services in Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technology. Steeped in the Knowledge Management sector, Mindzilla is adding a fresh perspective on Big Data, Business Intelligence among other areas.


A spinout from Oxford University Computer Science department, DeepReason.ai is progressively earning its name as a Knowledge Graph Platform with incomparable reasoning capabilities. Emanuel Sallinger, Georg Gottlob, and Stéphane Reissfelder, the company’s founders, are championing this charge for change in Enterprise Software and Knowledge Management.

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Datavid is on a mission to enable organizations to refine their data and gain key insights. Founded by Balvinder Dang, the startup straddles various sub-sectors from Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Data Integration, to Semantic Search.


Inspiral is harnessing the power of micro-videos to propagate instant knowledge sharing. No doubt, Inspiral is a shining beacon in the EdTech and Education sectors, and is certainly making waves in Knowledge Management.


Co-founders Ahmed Nasser, Armando Fontana, and Nicola Abbasciano lead Pigro. Their mission is to help people get definitive answers inside the ever-growing knowledge bases of organizations, through cutting-edge Software tools and Artificial Intelligence.

World Smart Cities Forum

The World Smart Cities Forum is deploying Knowledge Management techniques to create Smart Cities. The non-profit works with local governments and NGOs to cultivate human-centric urban areas by using KM.


Creating a space for IT knowledge sharing and problem-solving is Dirask. Led by John G and Kris Matysik, the startup cut a niche in the market by focussing on Knowledge Management through Q&A platforms.


Co-founders Phil Denham and Tobias Dawes of Avnio offer AI-powered solutions for RFP Automation and PreSales Operations, a significant enhancement for the businesses they serve.


Inlinks is a Knowledge Management startup by Dixon Jones and Fred Laurent that automates the internal linking of web content using semantic intelligence.

Generation KM Ltd.

Visit Generation KM Ltd. created by Evgeniya Fedoseeva to gain insightful advice on knowledge management, digital ecosystems, and corporate innovation and technology.


Founder Marko Wathen’s Relefant is boosting employee productivity and decreasing business value-chain inefficiencies through its 1-stop actionable workplace information platform.

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Hypha Knowledge Integration

Through Hypha Knowledge Integration, Arpit Kaushik and Louis French are unifying people, knowledge, data, insights, and strategy to drive their company’s growth.


Haroun Hickman and Joel Kang’s Dala is redefining Knowledge Management by automating extracting knowledges using a contextual AI search tool.


Finally, Hifo, an online business directory by Thomas Naylor, provides a knowledge platform that helps its users find the best company for the product or service they need.

In conclusion, the future of Knowledge Management in the UK looks bright, particularly with these startups leading the way, using exciting and innovative technologies to reshape the landscape of KM. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next in this burgeoning sector.

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