Will Decentralised Blockchain Transform Global Financial Services and Insurance Industries?

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Key Takeaways

  • Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd is a Cross-Border Multi-Currency Blockchain-based Decentralized Clearinghouse providing non-custodial settlement services with 100% insured and proprietary digital financial infrastructure.
  • The startup allows Retail and Institutional Clients to immediately access a Multi-Currency Liquidity Pool through a Global Darkpool Outfit.
  • Greyhorse is devaluing currency as an issue for investors and innovating the way we think about finances in the blockchain world.

The global financial services and insurance industries are on the precipice of a significant transformation. At the heart of this ongoing transformation is the Decentralised Blockchain – a technology that continues to disrupt various sectors. One such promising startup utilising this disruptive technology to redefine the world of finance and insurance is Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd, based in London, England, United Kingdom.

Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd is leveraging the adaptability and security of the Decentralised Blockchain to deliver a Cross-Border Multi-Currency Blockchain based Decentralised Clearinghouse. This innovative startup is providing non-custodial settlement services for Retail and Institutional Clients across international borders.

What separates Greyhorse Clearinghouse, making them stand out in the often overly saturated and contentious blockchain and financial services scene, are two main factors. Firstly, they provide immediate Multi-Currency liquidity through their Global Darkpool Outfit. This results in quick transactions, defeating the ongoing concerns of slow transaction times through blockchain methods. Secondly, Greyhorse offers clients the opportunity to secure all their assets into dollarization, thus mitigating the devaluing currency’s fear.

With their Registered Affiliates, they are also offering lending services, borrowing, swapping, and investing in Domestic and International Securities Market. Therefore, Greyhorse consolidates the need for multiple platforms and services into one, allowing for seamless financial management.

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The future of financial services lies in such groundbreaking and innovative approaches. With startups like Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd, we can expect the barriers to entry to crumble, and a new realm of potential to unfold for global finance and insurance services sectors. As the realms of technology and finance continue to merge, and as decentralised, blockchain methodologies continue to disrupt traditional systems, it’s startups like Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd that well and truly holds the future of these industries at their fingertips.

Those curious to learn more about Greyhorse Clearinghouse Ltd or would like to get involved can check out their official website and their social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn.

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