Will This Payment Platform Revolutionise e-Commerce and Mobile Payments Industry?

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London-based startup Ryft, specialises in providing an easy-to-use payment platform designed to cater digital platforms and marketplaces. Their unique solution simplifies complex payment models which are prevalent in the current e-commerce model, particularly benefiting Peer-to-Peer platforms and marketplace business. The platform not only provides a plug-and-play end-to-end solution, but it offers automated next-day payouts for marketplace businesses and their traders for a single flat fee per transaction. With such revolutionary features, the question arises “Will this payment platform transform e-Commerce and mobile payments industry?”

In the following sections, we’ll discuss the unique selling points of Ryft and analyse how it might be disrupting the industry. At the conclusion of this piece, we’ll discuss the future possibilities for this exciting fintech startup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ryft simplifies multi-sided payments for digital platforms and marketplaces with a plug-and-play solution.
  • The platform provides automated next-day payouts for a single flat fee per transaction.
  • Ryft is set to revolutionise the e-Commerce and mobile payments industry, particularly beneficial for P2P platforms and marketplace businesses.

Differentiators of Ryft:

Ryft has made a niche for itself in the fintech space by targeting complex multi-sided payment models. Their unique platform is designed keeping in mind the Web 3.0 infrastructure, as they look towards future needs of the commerce industry. The plug-and-play model of this company sets it apart from its competitors, reducing the tediousness of manual integrations, while assuring end-to-end solutions. Additionally, this payment platform offers an automated next-day payout feature – something that will certainly appeal to marketplace businesses and their traders.

Moreover, Ryft takes the simplicity one step further by offering these services for a single flat fee per transaction, steering clear of the percentages that are often tacked onto transactions by other platforms. This not only simplifies expense tracking for businesses but also ensures transparency.

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Looking to the Future:

The revolutionary approach of Ryft in simplifying multi-sided payments makes it a noteworthy startup to look at in the present e-Commerce and mobile payments industry. Its unique offer of next-day payouts, and a single flat-fee model, could put pressure on other platforms to follow suit or risk falling behind.

The future of Ryft looks promising, and it will be interesting to see how this startup will mould the digital payments space, bringing in more efficiency and transparency. Connect with Ryft here or follow them on their social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

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