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As the digital landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, information services startups are playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing various industries. In England, United Kingdom, a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurial ventures has emerged, harnessing the power of data, technology, and innovation. These startups are redefining the way businesses operate, transforming industries, and unlocking new opportunities. In this article, we will explore 15 noteworthy information services startups in England, each making a significant impact in their respective domains.

Reality +

Reality + stands at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, assisting leading brands in navigating the realms of NFTs, blockchain games, and the metaverse. With a focus on gaming, information services, information technology, and virtual reality, Reality + offers comprehensive solutions that enable brands to establish a strong presence in the digital world.

Mammoth Analytics

Mammoth Analytics empowers businesses with its SaaS management platform, providing tools to transform, analyze, and gain insights from complex data without the need for coding. Their expertise in analytics, data visualization, information services, and SaaS equips organizations with the means to unlock the true potential of their data assets.


PRICEFY.IO addresses the needs of e-commerce merchants by offering a solution that allows them to monitor their competitors’ product prices on a daily basis. By leveraging their expertise in e-commerce, information services, information technology, and software, PRICEFY.IO empowers merchants with the knowledge necessary to make informed pricing decisions.

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ESG Book

ESG Book has earned a global reputation as a leader in sustainability data and technology. Trusted by major financial organizations worldwide, ESG Book specializes in big data, consulting, data visualization, and sustainability. Their comprehensive solutions assist businesses in integrating sustainability practices into their strategies and operations.


As the largest operator of open-source procurement and tender data in the UK, Bidstats provides a range of analysis tools and search functions to aid businesses in making informed decisions. With a focus on information services, information technology, procurement, and software, Bidstats is a valuable resource for organizations navigating the procurement landscape.


Simul simplifies collaboration and version control for Microsoft Word documents, enabling multiple users to work seamlessly together. By leveraging their expertise in collaboration, information services, and productivity tools, Simul enhances productivity and streamlines workflows for businesses of all sizes.


ATAR Labs specializes in building next-generation SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) platforms. With their deep understanding of cybersecurity, information services, and information technology, ATAR Labs assists security operation centers (SOCs) in improving their vigilance and effectiveness in combating emerging threats.


booknbook acts as a platform that serves the interests of restaurateurs, catering to the unique needs of the hospitality industry. With their expertise in information services and information technology, booknbook offers restaurateurs a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, optimize bookings, and enhance customer experiences. delivers secure, over-the-air updatable software platforms for embedded product development. Their expertise in developer platforms, information services, information technology, and software ensures that businesses can easily maintain and update their embedded products, enhancing security and efficiency.

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Dialectiq offers a platform that enables users to navigate complex relationships and develop politically smart and agile programming. By specializing in information services, Dialectiq equips organizations with the tools to make sense of intricate dynamics and navigate sensitive situations effectively.


Dextcloud empowers businesses to build resilient, scalable, and secure services through their API and event-driven low-code platform. With a focus on apps, financial services, information services, information technology, retail, and software, Dextcloud accelerates digital transformation by simplifying the development process.


Acin is transforming the banking industry’s approach to non-financial risk. Their expertise in financial services, fintech, information services, and information technology enables banks to proactively manage and mitigate non-financial risks, fostering a safer and more stable financial ecosystem.


Metomic specializes in protecting sensitive data in SaaS applications. Leveraging their expertise in developer APIs, information services, information technology, privacy, and software, Metomic offers businesses robust data protection solutions, ensuring the security and privacy of their valuable information. is an early-stage discovery platform and managed marketplace. By combining artificial intelligence, content discovery, e-learning, information services, machine learning, marketplace, MOOC, publishing, and video on demand, offers users a seamless and immersive learning experience, connecting them with valuable resources and opportunities.


Propetly acts as a comprehensive marketplace, empowering property investors to find, evaluate, and calculate their complete investment projects. With a focus on information services, information technology, and marketplace, Propetly streamlines the investment process, offering investors the necessary tools to make informed decisions.


These 15 information services startups in England exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive that have become synonymous with the startup ecosystem in the United Kingdom. From gaming and analytics to sustainability and cybersecurity, each startup is making waves in its respective industry. Their unique solutions and services have the potential to transform businesses, revolutionize operations, and unlock new opportunities for growth. As these startups continue to thrive and evolve, they contribute to the vibrant landscape of information services in England, shaping the digital future of industries across the nation and beyond.

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