Startup Showcase: – Connecting Travellers with Responsible Tour Operators for Life-Changing Safaris

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Safari tourism has become a crucial funding source for conservation in many parts of the world, and the team behind recognizes the potential to make a significant positive impact. As an online marketplace for worldwide wildlife holidays and safaris, bridges the gap between responsible tour operators and keen travellers searching for a life-changing experience. Featuring unique safari destinations from hundreds of partners in one place, makes it easy to research, compare, enquire and book the next adventure.

Connecting Travellers with Responsible Tour Operators

Safari tourism has the power to create a cycle of conservation, where funds are generated by tourism and these funds go towards wildlife conservation. is committed to ensuring that wildlife habitats and communities are nurtured and preserved through responsible tourism practices. The platform works by connecting travellers with responsible tour operators that are committed to ethical tourism practices. These tour operators educate visitors on the dangers that affect wilderness habitats and its wildlife, making them ambassadors and active partners in the safari community.

Unique and Exotic Safari Destinations

With, travellers can find a variety of unique and exotic safari destinations around the world that offer unforgettable experiences. The platform’s wide range of tour operators have curated safari packages that cater to a range of interests, budgets and schedules. Travellers can choose from destinations such as Borneo, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka and more.

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Supporting Local Communities also acknowledges the importance of supporting local communities. They work closely with tour operators to ensure that they source their products and services locally, and support community initiatives that encourage sustainable tourism practices. By working with local communities, ensures that tourism contributes to the social and economic development of these communities. Your Go-To Platform for Responsible Safari Tourism is a game-changer for individuals passionate about responsible tourism practices and wildlife conservation. With hundreds of responsible tour operators, makes it easy for travellers to find their next adventurous safari destination. By booking with, travellers can rest assured that they are contributing to the preservation of our planet’s wildlife and supporting local communities.





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