Startup Showcase: Voulez Capital – Investing in Women for a Better Future

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Voulez Capital is a venture capital firm based in London, founded on the belief that investing in women is not only a socially responsible decision but also a sound economic investment. They focus on making the investment market more inclusive by providing opportunities for female founders to showcase their potential, talent, and vision.

Their motto is to create a future where women entrepreneurs do not have to struggle to get their ideas off the ground. Voulez Capital specifically targets businesses that have at least one female founder as a part of their management team or ownership structure. The sectors on which the firm focusses are diverse and include energy, sustainability, technology, marketplaces, manufacturing, engineering, product design, healthcare, and education.

Why Voulez Capital Invests in Women Founders

Voulez Capital’s investment philosophy stems from the belief that gender-balanced senior teams tend to perform better than the market average. There are numerous studies that prove that gender diversity promotes innovation and creativity, leading to better financial returns for businesses. For instance, in 2016, Credit Suisse research found that companies with at least one woman on their board outperformed those with all-male boards by 26%.

Women-led businesses also face significant challenges accessing funding for their startups. The imbalance is evident when we look at the data; in the UK, only 1 in every 3 entrepreneurs is a woman. This is where Voulez Capital steps in, providing opportunities for women to showcase their talent and demonstrate that gender should not be a barrier to success.

How Voulez Capital is Making a Difference

Voulez Capital uses its expertise to support female entrepreneurs throughout their startup journey, from seed funding to scaling up. The company offers mentorship and support, connecting founders with industry leaders, providing them with the guidance needed to build successful businesses.

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The company’s commitment to social impact is also reflected in the categories of companies they choose to support – those working to improve women’s lives, whether it’s healthcare, better work-life balance, childcare, or education. Voulez Capital’s investments help to ensure that these businesses can continue to thrive and make an impact in the lives of women worldwide.


Voulez Capital’s mission to make venture capital more inclusive and equitable has made them stand out in the market. Their approach focuses on creating a future where women entrepreneurs can access funding without any biases. Through their targeted investments, they are working towards making a positive impact on women’s lives and the industry as a whole.

Voulez Capital’s dedication to gender equality is admirable and a model for the wider industry. It’s clear that they are not just inspiring change but actively working towards it. We look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.





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