Can AI and Big Data Revolutionise Management Consulting in the UK?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Sourcific Consulting Ltd is revolutionising management consulting in the UK with AI and big data.
  • The firm focuses on value-first solutions, optimising credit and collections lifecycle for several industries.
  • With plans to expand their repertoire, Sourcific Consulting Ltd is positioned to impact numerous fields, including telecommunications and health sciences.

The landscape of management consulting in the UK is undergoing significant transformation. This change is largely being driven by new-age consultancies like Sourcific Consulting Ltd. Based in London, Sourcific Consulting takes a forward-thinking approach, utilising both big data and artificial intelligence to revolutionise the consulting landscape. They predominantly serve industries such as renewable energy, credit and collections, ecommerce and retail, and construction.

At Sourcific Consulting, innovation meets industry. With their value-first approach, this startup is committed to implementing big data, data science, AI and machine learning techniques. The goal? To make a lasting, positive impact on their clients and their customers. Their emphasis on optimising workflows has led to an increased efficiency within the sectors they consult for.

What sets Sourcific Consulting apart from the crowd? Their consultative solutions are always driven by value-first philosophy, with a focus on creating a positive impact on their clients and customers. This differentiator, combined with their ability to help clients optimise their workflows via the use of big data, AI, and machine learning, sets them apart from the competition. Beyond this, they are also unique in their aspiration to cater to more industries, including telecommunications, and health and life sciences.

Another unique aspect of Sourcific Consulting is their specialised knowledge base in the credit and collections lifecycle. By implementing AI and big data in this area, they have positioned themselves as a leader in transforming and updating this vital aspect of business operations.

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Looking to the future, Sourcific Consulting Ltd is poised for continued growth and advancement. With their forward-thinking approach and a commitment to continuously explore and adapt new technologies, the company is perfectly positioned for longevity in the field of management consulting. Their blend of AI and big data expertise could potentially be the game-changer that will revolutionise the industry.

Given their track record, it is clear that this startup is one to keep a close eye on. You can follow their journey and get further insights by connecting with them via their LinkedIn page or visiting their website.

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