Redefining Business Travel: Can Instant Charter Flights Revolutionise Traditional Booking?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Mirai Flights is revolutionizing the business travel industry by providing instant booking of private jets with price transparency.
  • Based in the UK, the service focuses on the UK, Europe, Middle East, and the CIS states.
  • Founded in 2021, the service offers customers the convenience of one-click payments of up to €300,000.
  • Mirai Flights sees the future of business travel as customers needing instant, transparent, and simplified booking options.

Redefining traditional booking methods in the business travel world, Mirai Flights, a 2021 UK-based startup, offers an innovative twist to booking charter flights. Providing price transparency and one-click payments, Mirai Flights caters to the tech-savvy travelers, by giving them quick, instant access to private jets in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and the CIS states.

Mirai Flights aims to change how customers book their flights by making the purchasing process easier and more efficient, ultimately saving the consumer’s time. In an age where almost everything is done at the click of a button, Mirai Flights leverages the founders’ rich background in private aviation to align their service with these consumer habits.

What sets Mirai Flights apart from traditional booking methods is the instant accessibility it provides to its customers. There’s no more need for customers to go through several levels of interaction to book a flight—everything can be done in one click. On top of this, Mirai Flights offers a high level of transparency in pricing, letting customers know each cost involved in their flight, stripping away the hidden fees often associated with traditional booking.

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Additionally, the service allows for customization such as selecting the class of the aircraft, the number of passengers, and the level of comfort desired. By giving customers this level of customization, Mirai Flights adds a personal touch to its service, thereby elevating the traditional flight booking experience.

As for the future, Mirai Flights sees Instant Charter Flights as the new norm in the business travel industry. With technologies advancing at a rapid pace, and customers becoming more accustomed to the convenience offered by digital platforms, Mirai Flights finds itself at the leading edge of this shift.

The startup also anticipates a growing interest in private jet bookings, especially among businesses looking for time efficiency and exclusivity. Bying continuing to innovate and optimize its service, Mirai Flights is well-positioned to take advantage of this expected growth in the market. Mirai Flights | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

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