Can EdTech Startups Close the Digital Skills Gap with Industry Collaboration?

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Key Takeaways

  • FourthRev is an EdTech startup working to close the digital skills gap by linking companies and universities to develop industry-relevant programs.
  • The company co-creates curriculum content with leading technology companies, which is then delivered to students through partnering universities.
  • FourthRev also seeks to connect learners to potential employers in the partner ecosystems.


As the digital age accelerates, the gap between technological innovations and academic curriculum is widening. The speed at which the tech industry is progressing means that by the time a student graduates, the knowledge and skills they have learnt could be outdated. However, companies like FourthRev, a London-based EdTech startup, are tackling this problem head on.

FourthRev aims to bridge the digital skills gap by connecting leading companies and universities to develop up-to-date, industry-relevant programs. These range from micro-credentials through to degree courses. But what is it that makes FourthRev different and potentially a game changer in reducing the digital skills gap?

FourthRev: Bridging the Gap

Innovative in approach, FourthRev has developed a unique model where they co-create content and curriculum with top technology companies like AWS, Salesforce and Tableau. This ensures the content delivered to the learners via their partnering universities is industry-current, relevant and sharp. As a result, FourthRev helps learners acquire not just theoretical knowledge but real-world job skills that are used by leading tech companies around the globe.

Furthermore, FourthRev has a built-in job connection system where it works to link learners to potential employers within their partner ecosystems. This synergises their efforts in imparting industry-relevant knowledge, as it also helps learners to utilise their acquired skills by providing job opportunities directly relevant to their field of study.

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Looking Towards the Future

Faced with a fast-paced tech industry and an ever-widening digital skills gap, the landscape seems promising for companies like FourthRev. By bringing industry and institutions together, they are creating a new model of education that keeps pace with technology advancements. Learning is evolving from a traditional academic focus to a hybrid model rooted in real-world industry application. This trend suggests a promising future for FourthRev and similar ventures.

Their efforts towards equipping learners with the latest in-demand skills while also ensuring they get an opportunity to utilise them, is a testament to the positive impact of industry collaboration in the education sector. As FourthRev continues to expand and foster new partnerships, the EdTech industry will be watching closely. You can find out more about their mission and updates via their website and follow them on Linkedin

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