Can VR and AI Revolutionise Soft-Skills Training in the workplace?

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Key takeaways:

  • Bodyswaps is a B2B immersive learning platform providing scalable soft skills training through VR, AI, and behavioural science.
  • The startup provides realistic workplace scenarios allowing employees to practice their soft skills with virtual characters.
  • Founded in 2019 and based in London, Bodyswaps aims to upskill workforces cost-effectively and at scale.

Bodyswaps is disrupting the traditional landscape of workplace training with its innovative approach to skills development. Embracing the digital revolution, the company harnesses the potential of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies are combined to form the backbone of an immersive platform where employees are transported into simulated work environments, enabling them to learn, practice, and refine their soft skills in a highly interactive and engaging manner.

The London-based startup delves beyond industry buzzwords, demonstrating how an intersection of VR, AI, and behavioral science can create a dynamic and highly effective learning experience. Bodyswaps veers away from the one-size-fits-all learning model, acknowledging that skills development is most effective when personalized to the learner’s needs. Equipped with AI, the platform offers automated personalized recommendations to the users, thus enhancing the learning experience.

What sets Bodyswaps apart is its focus on providing an immersive experience that places individuals right in the midst of workplace scenarios. The platform uses VR to give users a firsthand experience, encouraging skill development through role-play techniques with virtual characters. This way, they can practice and refine soft skills such as empathy, self-awareness, and communications in ways conventional classroom-based training can’t replicate.

Moreover, the strategic use of AI further enhances the learning experience. The technology carefully observes user responses and behaviors, generating automatic feedback and personalized recommendations aimed at improving performance over time. It also enables organizations to scale their training initiatives rapidly and cost-effectively, making it a vital tool for businesses of all sizes.

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With the future of work leaning drastically towards digital transformation, organizations must evolve their learning and development strategies to match pace. This is where revolutionary platforms like Bodyswaps will prove invaluable. By leveraging the unprecedented capabilities of VR and AI, they are reshaping the future of professional training.

As it further evolves, Bodyswaps has the potential to spearhead the digital transformation of training and development programs across all sectors. The established industries of AI, E-Learning, education, machine learning, SaaS and software all stand to benefit from the innovations Bodyswaps delivers. The future springs exciting new opportunities not only for Bodyswaps but for the entire EdTech industry itself. London appears to have become a great hub for such innovative ideas and startups like Bodyswaps are taking full advantage of this vibrant ecosystem. Follow them at or on Twitter at BODYSWAPS_VR and LinkedIn Bodyswaps.

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