Data Integration Reinvented: 15 UK Startups Reshaping Business Landscape

Empowering Decision-Making and Driving Growth.

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In today’s data-driven world, the ability to harness and integrate data effectively is a key factor in achieving business success. With the proliferation of data sources and the increasing complexity of data management, innovative startups in the United Kingdom are rising to the challenge. These companies are revolutionizing the field of data integration, offering cutting-edge solutions to convert raw data into valuable insights. In this article, we will explore 15 fascinating data integration startups in the UK that are transforming the way businesses operate and make informed decisions.

Urban Hawk: Unleashing Business Opportunities

Urban Hawk is an analytics company that specializes in converting data into lucrative business opportunities. With expertise in diverse domains such as geospatial analysis, predictive analytics, and data visualization, Urban Hawk enables organizations to unlock valuable insights from their data. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, Urban Hawk empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and maximize growth.

ZEE9: Turning Data into Informed Decisions

ZEE9 is dedicated to transforming data into actionable information that empowers smart decision-making across various industries. By harnessing the power of analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, ZEE9 provides businesses with comprehensive insights, wherever they are. With a focus on data integration and predictive analytics, ZEE9 equips organizations with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Intelance: Unleashing Limitless Possibilities

Intelance is a pioneering company that specializes in connected team collaboration and data integration. By offering cloud data services, CRM solutions, and data visualization tools, Intelance enables businesses to harness the full potential of their data. With a focus on Internet of Things (IoT) and management consulting, Intelance empowers organizations to unlock new possibilities and drive innovation.

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Subtree Inc.: Empowering Developers with Data Management

Subtree Inc. is at the forefront of cloud-native data management solutions, providing developers with the same level of control over data as they have over code through source control. With a strong emphasis on data integration, storage, and developer tools, Subtree Inc. revolutionizes the way developers handle and collaborate on data. By offering a powerful developer platform, Subtree Inc. empowers organizations to streamline their data workflows and accelerate software development.

Accelex: Powering Alternative Investments with Data

Accelex is a leading provider of data acquisition, analytics, and reporting solutions for alternative investors and asset servicers. With expertise in analytics and data integration, Accelex equips financial professionals with the tools they need to make informed investment decisions. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Accelex enables organizations to extract valuable insights from complex data sets, ultimately enhancing their financial performance.

MP: Revolutionizing Data-Driven Marketing

MP is a data-driven marketing company that helps businesses leverage the power of data to optimize their marketing strategies. With a strong focus on advertising, analytics, and data integration, MP empowers organizations to target the right audience, personalize marketing campaigns, and achieve superior results. By harnessing the potential of data, MP transforms marketing practices and drives business growth.

Sonrai Analytics: Bridging the Gap between Data and Applications

Sonrai Analytics specializes in developing applications and interfaces that utilize data and its resultant outputs of analysis. By harnessing the power of analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Sonrai Analytics enables organizations to gain valuable insights from their data. With a strong focus on data integration, Sonrai Analytics bridges the gap between raw data and meaningful applications, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.

Datavid: Unleashing the Potential of Data for Growing Organizations

Datavid is dedicated to helping growing organizations make the most of their data. With expertise in analytics, artificial intelligence, and software development, Datavid empowers businesses to extract valuable insights and drive growth. By offering services such as data integration, mining, and knowledge management, Datavid equips organizations with the tools they need to unlock the full potential of their data assets.

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Arca Blanca: Integrating Consulting and Data Expertise

Arca Blanca is an integrated consulting and data company that offers a range of services to businesses. With expertise in consulting, customer service, and data integration, Arca Blanca assists organizations in optimizing their operations and achieving their business objectives. By combining industry insights with data-driven strategies, Arca Blanca helps businesses leverage the power of data to gain a competitive edge.

Evalian®: Enhancing Security and Compliance through Data Integration

Evalian® is a management consulting firm that specializes in data protection, penetration testing, and cyber security services. With a focus on data integration and management consulting, Evalian® assists organizations in fortifying their security measures and achieving compliance with industry standards. By leveraging their expertise in cyber security, Evalian® helps businesses safeguard their data assets and protect against evolving threats.

Strata Security Solutions: Comprehensive Cybersecurity and Data Management

Strata Security Solutions offers a wide range of services, including cybersecurity, integration, reporting, consultation, risk management, and cloud data management. By combining their expertise in cloud data services, cyber security, and data integration, Strata Security Solutions helps organizations mitigate risks, protect their data, and optimize their data management processes. With a strong focus on integration and risk management, Strata Security Solutions equips businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape.

CentronIT: Empowering Businesses with IT Solutions

CentronIT is an IT consultancy that specializes in system integration, cloud computing, applications, and data analytics solutions. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, including cloud computing, consulting, and data integration, CentronIT enables organizations to leverage technology effectively. With a focus on information technology and data integration, CentronIT assists businesses in optimizing their IT infrastructure and achieving their strategic objectives.

Datamango: Enhancing Cybersecurity and Automation

Datamango provides a range of services, including cybersecurity, network security, software development, and data integration. By offering expertise in cyber security and software development, Datamango helps organizations fortify their security measures and streamline their operations. With a focus on data integration and automation, Datamango empowers businesses to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

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Guidoo Services: Tailored Professional Services and App Development

Guidoo Services specializes in offering professional services, consultation, customization, training, and app development services. By combining their expertise in app development and data integration, Guidoo Services helps organizations unlock the potential of their data and enhance their operations. With a strong focus on professional services and training, Guidoo Services equips businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Miraget: Enabling B2B Lead Generation and Data Synchronization

Miraget is a technology solutions company that provides products for B2B lead generation and cloud data synchronization. With a strong focus on B2B services, cloud data integration, and lead generation, Miraget empowers organizations to enhance their sales and marketing efforts. By offering innovative solutions for data synchronization, Miraget enables businesses to seamlessly integrate and manage their data across various platforms.


The United Kingdom is home to a vibrant ecosystem of innovative data integration startups that are revolutionizing the business landscape. These startups are empowering organizations to unlock the value hidden within their data, make informed decisions, and drive growth. From analytics and artificial intelligence to cybersecurity and software development, these companies offer a diverse range of expertise. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a deep understanding of data integration, these startups are at the forefront of transforming businesses across industries. As they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible, these data integration startups will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping the future of the UK business landscape.

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