Which London Asset Management Startups Dominate UK’s Financial Landscape in 2023?

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British innovation is robust, and while London is known for its vibrant startup scene, it is especially evident in the field of asset management. The city houses a plethora of ambitious companies leveraging cutting-edge technology to disrupt traditional financial services. In this article, we take a tour of 15 such groundbreaking startups, the innovative solutions they offer, and the minds behind these endeavors.

These startups are leveraging an array of technologies, from blockchain and artificial intelligence to data analytics, to reimagine asset management. While some are looking to optimize property management or reimagine investment strategies, others address niche markets or adopt innovative approaches to security. Here are the noteworthy asset management startups in London you should know.

Read on to delve into the in-depth compilation of the most promising startups which are setting new trends in the London asset management scene.


Houzen is a platform combining Computer Vision, AI, and Finance to facilitate homeowners in growing their home equity value swiftly and confidently. The company, co-founded by Saurabh Saxena, operates at the nexus of Asset Management, Financial Services, Internet, Property Management, and Real Estate.


HiddenApp, founded by Björn Hall, is a B2B SaaS/Security-focused IT asset management platform, specializing in Apple, PCs, and Chromebooks. It exists at the intersection of Asset Management, Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Network Security.

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Pillar Project

The Pillar Project, founded by David Siegel, Michael Messele, and Robert Gaskell, offers a platform to manage your identity contextually and transact with the services of the emerging web3 digital economy. It operates in the territories of Asset Management, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Mobile Payments, and Open Source.


StepEx presents a novel marketplace for selling a share in future income to fund studies. Created by Crumpet Die Entre and Daniel George, StepEx aims to serve as a non-correlated high yield asset class.


AlphaSwap, founded by Francois Devillez, Khing Oei, and Vladimir Agaev, is an investment technology platform that collates its analyst community’s best stock ideas into data-as-a-service.

North Block Capital

North Block Capital, co-founded by Simon Wajcenberg, represents itself as Blockchain Asset Managers. They are reshaping the sphere of Asset Management, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency.


Intropic, an asset management firm founded by Ravinder Bhadhal and Sam Shannon, is making waves in the industry.


SupraFin, a digital platform aiding individuals to invest in crypto assets smartly and transparently, was brought to life by Liliana Reasor.

Katch Investment Group

Katch Investment Group functions as an asset management company presenting investment, lending, and financial solutions to SMEs.

Sandbar Asset Management

Sandbar Asset Management is an investment advisory firm serving asset management and financial services.

Tokoro Capital

Tokoro Capital is a real estate investment management company.

QuoinStone Group

QuoinStone Group, set up by Steve Howling and Tim Struth, is simultaneously an asset manager, strategic property investor, and commercial real estate advisor.

Ananda Asset Management

Ananda Asset Management, established by Araceli Strassburger and Louis Villa, extends equity investment management and financial services.

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Expat Investment Group

Expat Investment Group backs ambitious, innovative teams redefining their industries, representing a syndicate of MFO&SFO with access to over £200 million.

The Alfa Group

The Alfa Group offers asset management, real estate investment, and construction services.

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